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Web-based music streamer, jukebox and Podcast receiver

Airsonic is a free, web-based media streamer, providing ubiquitous access to your music. Use it to share your music with friends, or to listen to your own music while at work. You can stream to multiple players simultaneously, for instance to one player in your kitchen and another in your living room.

Airsonic is a fork of Libresonic which was originally forked from Subsonic.

Homepage | License: GPL

Ubuntu versionsUpdated onVersion
StatsDownloads: current / overall (XtraDeb releases)
22.04, 22.102022/04/15 06:5510.6.2-1~xtradeb3
20.042021/06/14 15:5510.6.2-1~xtradeb1

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  1. Updates says:

    New version available -> airsonic 10.6.2-1~xtradeb1

    * Initial release.

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