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Feature-rich screenshot program

Shutter is a feature-rich screenshot program for Linux based operating systems such as Ubuntu. You can take a screenshot of a specific area, window, your whole screen, or even of a website – apply different effects to it, draw on it to highlight points, and then upload to an image hosting site, all within one window.

Shutter allows you to capture nearly anything on your screen without losing control over your screenshots (tabbed interface). Shutter ships with a great variety of plugins that allow you to add impressive effects to your screenshots.

Shutter ships with its own built-in editor and is able to upload your files directly to Image-Hosters (e.g., retrieve all the needed links and share them with others.

Remark: With very limited functionality on Wayland.

Homepage | License: GPL

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2023/03/130.99.412552986 (12)

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Comments: 4

  1. Avatar photo Updates says:

    New version available -> shutter 0.99.4-1~xtradeb1

       * New upstream release.
       * Two further bugs have been fixed after the recent 0.99.3 release:
        - Fix not appearing tray icon on system startup under rare circumstances
        - Fix crash on launch for new installs
  2. Avatar photo Updates says:

    New version available -> shutter 0.99.3-1~xtradeb1

       * New upstream release.
       * After a long time there is another bugfix release:
        - Improved code quality a bit, added a few unit tests
        - Fixed font size in the editor
        - Fixed loading of profiles
        - Fixed crash when taking too small screenshots
        - Fixed appearance of the web capture button
        - Fixed XML schema of AppData
        - Allow more valid character in filenames
        - Removed dysfunctional upload plugins
        - Added a visible warning about limited functionality on Wayland
  3. Avatar photo Updates says:

    New version available -> shutter 0.99.2-1~xtradeb1

    * New upstream release.
    – Bug fixes
    – Introduction of rudimentary Wayland support

  4. Avatar photo Updates says:

    New version available -> shutter 0.99-1~xtradeb1

    * New upstream release.
    – Fixed several more regressions of the Gtk3 switch:
    – Fixed File->Open dialog
    – Fixed Autoscroll option of the Draw tool
    – Added support for gir1.2-ayatanaappindicator3, because some distros don’t have gir1.2-appindicator3 anymore. If neither of AppIndicator3 nor AyatanaAppIndicator3 is available, on some DEs you will miss the tray icon, so it’s recommended to have at least one of these 2 libraries installed.
    – Fixed schema of the appdata XML, use https in URLs in it
    – Added search keywords to the shutter.desktop file
    – Icons cleanup
    – Dropped a copy of the whole Tango icon set, which was usable from the Draw Tool. Any icon can still be imported from the local disk, including even Tango ones if they are installed
    – Fixed shutter icon size
    – Removed duplication of the same icons
    – Removed logo images for dropped image hosters

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