Our Chromium packages are back to Launchpad.net

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We are really happy to announce the return of our Chromium packages to Launchpad.net!

As you might be aware, for some time now, if you wanted to deploy our Chromium (non snap) packages, you needed to install yet another repository. This repository was hosted together with our website. We were building the packages ourselves and then uploading them there.

Now, thanks to Daniel‘s expertise and contribution, it’s again possible to build and distribute Chromium from our default applications‘ PPA. Kudos to Daniel!

This also means that Chromium’s statistics will start picking up the pace in the package details. 🙂

Feel free to disable and/or remove this repository from your system.

sudo rm /etc/apt/trusted.gpg.d/xtradeb.net-prsk-pubkey.asc /etc/apt/sources.list.d/xtradeb.net.list
sudo apt update
# You might also want to clean your cache afterwards
sudo apt clean all

Cheers and peace to the world!

Next: Ubuntu 23.10 readiness >

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