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Lightweight BitTorrent client

Transmission is a set of lightweight BitTorrent clients (in GUI, CLI and daemon form). All its incarnations feature a very simple, intuitive interface on top on an efficient, cross-platform back-end.

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  1. Avatar photo Updates says:

    New version available -> transmission 4.0.4-1~xtradeb1

       * New upstream release.
       * All Platforms
        - Fixed bug in sending torrent metadata to peers.
        - Avoid unnecessary heap memory allocations.
        - Fixed filename collision edge case when renaming files.
        - Fixed locale errors that broke number rounding when displaying statistics,
          e.g. upload / download ratios.
        - Always use a fixed-length key query in tracker announces. This isn't
          required by the spec, but some trackers rely on that fixed length because
          it's common practice by other BitTorrent clients.
        - Fixed potential Windows crash when getstdhandle() returns NULL.
        - Fixed 4.0.0 bug where the port numbers in LDP announces are sometimes
        - Fixed a bug that prevented editing the query part of a tracker URL.
        - Fixed a bug where Transmission may not announce LPD on its listening
        - Made small performance improvements in libtransmission.
       * macOS Client
        - Updated code that had been using deprecated API.
       * Qt Client
        - Fixed torrent name rendering when showing magnet links in compact view.
        - Fixed bug that broke the "Move torrent file to trash" setting.
        - Fixed Qt 6.4 deprecation warning.
        - Fixed poor resolution of Qt application icon.
       * GTK Client
        - Fixed missing 'Remove torrent' tooltip.
       * Web Client
        - Don't show null as a tier name in the inspector's tier list.
        - Fixed truncated play / pause icons.
        - Fixed overflow when rendering peer lists and made speed indicators honor
          prefers-color-scheme media queries.
        - Made the main menu accessible even on smaller displays.
       * transmission-cli
        - Fixed "no such file or directory" warning when adding a magnet link.
        - Fixed bug that caused the wrong decimal separator to be used in some
       * transmission-remote
        - Fixed display bug that failed to show some torrent labels.
       * Everything Else
        - Ran all PNG files through lossless compressors to make them smaller.
        - Fixed potential build issue when compiling on macOS with gcc.
  2. Avatar photo Updates says:

    New version available -> transmission 4.0.3-1~xtradeb1

       * New upstream release.
       * All Platforms
        - Fixed `4.0.2` higher CPU load while downloading.
        - Fixed `4.0.0` bug where the `torrentGet` RPC method returned wrong
          `trackerStats.tier` values.
        - Fixed `4.0.0` HTTP announce behavior with `bind-address-ipv*` settings.
        - Fixed `4.0.0` bug in code that detects the computer's IPv6 support.
        - Silenced `4.0.0` minor log warnings for `cross_seed_entry` and `uid`
          entries in torrent files.
        - When adding a duplicate torrent via the RPC API, the return value now
          matches Transmission 3's return value.
        - Fixed use of metainfo display-name as a fallback name.
        - Updated torrent Peer ID generation to happen once per session, even for
          public torrents.
       * macOS Client
        - Added support for non-UTF-8 magnets.
        - Fixed potential memory leak in `tr_strv_convert_utf8()`.
        - Fixed crash on launch from tapping on a notification.
       * Qt Client
        - Fixed `4.0.2` FTBFS on Qt 5.13.
       * GTK Client
        - Fixed `4.0.0` preferences dialog being too large for small displays.
        - Fixed `4.0.0` regression of percents, speeds, sizes, etc. not being
          i18nized properly.
        - Fixed FTBFS in GTKMM 4.10.
       * Web Client
        - Fixed confusing Inspector UI when waiting for initial data from the server.
        - Fixed a keyboard shortcut conflict.
        - Turned off keyboard shortcuts when input fields have focus.
        - Show announce URL's origins in the inspector's tracker list.
        - Added missing date-added field in the Inspector's info tab.
       * Daemon
        - Set the log level sooner at startup to ensure events aren't missed.
       * transmission-remote
        - Fixed `4.0.0` bug in the display of how much of a torrent has been
       * Everything Else
        - Bumped fallback version of libdeflate from v1.17 to bugfix release v1.18.
        - Documentation improvements.
  3. Avatar photo Updates says:

    New version available -> transmission 4.0.2-1~xtradeb1

       * New upstream release.
       * Highlights
        - Fixed 4.0.1 bug where some torrents thought they were magnet links.
        - Fixed 4.0.0 bug that broke watchdirs in the macOS client.
        - Fixed 4.0.0 bug where download speed limits were ignored for uTP peers.
        - Fixed 4.0.0 bug using announce-list when creating single-tracker private
       * All Platforms
        - Restored support for path.utf-8 keys in torrent info dictionaries.
        - Fixed value of TR_TIME_LOCALTIME environment variable in torrent scripts.
        - Limited in-kernel file copying to 2 GiB blocks at a time to avoid
          potential issues with CIFS mounts.
        - Simplified filename info in log messages.
        - Fixed std::clamp() assertion failures.
        - Fixed small error calculating protocol overhead when receiving peer
        - Fixed incorrect escaping of non-BMP characters when generating JSON.
        - Fixed 4.0.0 crash when receiving malformed piece data from peers.
        - Fixed 4.0.0 potential crash when downloading from webseeds.
        - Improved handling of the leechers param in trackers' announce responses.
        - Fixed 4.0.0 regression that stopped increasing the download priority of
          files' first and last pieces. These pieces are important for making
          incomplete files previewable / playable while still being downloaded.
        - Fixed display of IPv6 tracker URLs.
        - Fixed code that could stop being interested in peers that have pieces we
          want to download.
        - Improved sanity checking of magnet links added via RPC.
        - Fixed a misleading error message when Transmission is unable to write to
          the incomplete-dir.
        - Worked around an older libdht bug that could provide invalid peer info.
        - Restored RPC torrentGet.wanted return value to match 3.00 behavior.
       * macOS Client
        - Fixed minor UI bugs, e.g. layout and control alignment.
        - Added up / down arrows to upload / download badge info.
        - Fixed 4.0.0 bug where macOS users could see some of their old torrents
          reappear after removing & restarting.
        - Fixed "Unrecognized colorspace number -1" error messages from macOS.
        - Fixed bug that caused local data to not be found when adding a new torrent
          in a custom folder.
        - Fixed crash on startup in copyWithZone().
       * Qt Client
        - Ensured that "Open File" opens the torrent's folder for multi-file
        - Fixed 4.0.0 bug that prevented batch-adding trackers to multiple torrents
          at once.
        - Fixed per-torrent ratio display in main window.
       * GTK Client
        - Fixed 4.0.0 ignoring -m/--minimized command line option.
        - Fixed assertion failure in the progress display when creating a new
       * Web Client
        - Fixed minor UI bugs, e.g. layout and control alignment.
        - Fixed 4.0.0 bug that that failed to save alternate speed begin/end
          settings changes.
        - Fixed broken keyboard shortcuts on desktop Safari.
        - Improved colors in both light & dark mode.
       * Daemon
        - Made the "unrecognized argument" error message more readable.
       * transmission-remote
        - Fixed a spurious error message when adding magnet links.
       * Everything Else
        - Documentation improvements.
        - Updated translations.
        - Fixed 4.0.1 failure to discover tests when cross-compiling without an

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