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Swiss army knife for Debian repository management

Aptly offers several features making it easy to manage Debian package repositories:

  • make mirrors of remote Debian/Ubuntu repositories, limiting by components/architectures
  • take snapshots of mirrors at any point in time, fixing state of repository at some moment of time
  • publish snapshot as Debian repository, ready to be consumed by apt
  • controlled update of one or more packages in snapshot from upstream mirror, tracking dependencies
  • merge two or more snapshots into one

Homepage | License: MIT

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2022/11/091.5.06767 (1)

Learn here: How to install applications from this web site

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  1. Avatar photo Updates says:

    New version available -> aptly 1.5.0-1~xtradeb1

       * New upstream release.
        - Bintray no longer used for artifacts. [ci skip]
        - Update system tests after Debian buster was released.
        - Try Travis on xenial workers
        - Print when test is skipped
        - Skip uploading release versions of aptly to nightly repo
        - Update Go AWS SDK to the latest version
        - Revert "Don't remove API file socket if it exists and it's usable"
        - Update ugorji/go/codec to latest version
        - Add test for publishing with non-empty Origin & Label
        - Rework HTTP downloader retry logic
        - Fix flakey tests related to identity name ordering.
        - Print redirects being followed, drop mirror.yandex.ru.
        - Refactor database code to support standalone batches, transactions.
        - Consistently use transactions to update database
        - Fix #827 - passhprase typos
        - Remove test which relied on now gone mongodb repository
        - Make database open attempts configurable also via config file
        - Fix issues with progress == nil causing panics
        - Bump Go supported version to 1.11-1.13
        - Parse dependency architecture even without version
        - Allow a custom Suite when publishing
        - Fix system tests for Debian Stretch 9.11
        - Vendor update goleveldb
        - Update nvidia repo key
        - Switch to Go modules instead of dep
        - Really upgrade goleveldb to the latest master version
        - Upgrade AWS SDK to the latest version
        - Bump golangci-lint to 19.1
        - Allow GPGFinder to work with nonstandard GPG version strings
        - Fix tests
        - Test against newer versions of Go
        - Store MD5 in a separate metadata field and use it when ETag is not an MD5
        - Filter command: Fix typo Priorioty -> Priority in #928
        - .goxc.json: list os/arch explicitly to avoid darwin/386
        - Add -json output flag to list|show commands
        - Proposed keyserver changed to functional one
        - Export RemoteRepo package list
        - Add support for publishing to Azure storage
        - Background API
        - Convert tests to Python 3
        - Fix badges
        - Grab downloader
        - deb: fix importing dbgsym packages with versioned Source field
        - Fix: typo in aptly web page link
        - Issue/revive unittests
        - Add release to CI
        - Use University of Utah mirror in tests
        - Timeout CI build job after 30 minutes
        - Update the gpg key of the repo.aptly.info repository in the README
        - Add support for zst compression
        - Publish releases and nightly builds from ci
        - Fix master build and system test setup
        - Update deps
        - Add metrics endpoint with http metrics using Prometheus client lib
        - Fix artifacts publishing
        - Support custom Azure publish endpoint
        - Give info when unable to load list of repos
        - Use correct version compare
        - Enable Azure publish unit tests in Github actions
        - fix: typo in the comments
        - Fix azurite dir for CI
        - api: allow parameters with urlencoded names
        - Use python3 for system tests
        - Cope with zero-length http downloads w/o Content-Length header
        - Update azure dependency
        - Upload code coverage
        - Use parallel gzip instead of gzip for compression
        - Allow disabling bzip2 compression for index files
        - S3: support disabling ACL with none value

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