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OpenGL Doom engine

This is a Doom source port based on ZDoom. It features an OpenGL renderer and lots of new features, among them:

  • 3D floors
  • Dynamic lights
  • Quake2/Unreal style skyboxes
  • True color texture support
  • Model support (limited at the moment)

Homepage | License: GPL

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21.10, 20.042021/10/21 17:034.7.1-1~xtradeb1
22.042022/09/08 18:504.8.2-1~xtradeb1

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  1. Avatar photo Updates says:

    New version available -> gzdoom 4.8.2-1~xtradeb1

    * New upstream release.
    * Highlights
    – Fixes a few bugs that were overlooked in 4.8.1.
    * Details
    – Fixed names for A_PlaySoundEx.
    – ENDOOM is not Windows only anymore.
    – Fixed background tiling for summary screen.
    – Text update that was missed in 4.8.1.
    – Add a few maps to the rebuildnodes compatibility block.
    – Fix FVector to Vector comparison.
    * From version 2.8.1
    * Highlights
    – Update of the Vulkan backend.
    – several bugfixes
    * Details
    – let the “abort” button on the network pane of the startup screen do a hard exit on Windows.
    – Bugfix for software mode mirrors not working
    – make sure ticdup is initialized.
    – Add +ONLYVISIBLEINMIRRORS and +INVISIBLEINMIRRORS actor flags. The former makes the actor only visible in reflections, while the latter makes the actor not cast reflections in mirrors.
    – Vulkan backend update
    – validate fountaincolor before using it.
    – ZScript: don’t allow multiple assignment syntax with only one element.
    – fixed type of third argument of MBF21’s MonsterMeleeAttack function.
    – added an override for NOTAUTOAIMED flag when using P_AimLineAttack for informative CCMDs.
    – allow taking screenshots in cutscenes.
    – fixed JIT target function for GetTimeFrac.
    – fixed: For cutscenes the alternative clean scaling factors need to be activated.
    – fixed setup of ready state with Dehacked. This needs to emulate the hard coded chainsaw sound when weapon states get reassigned.
    – Fix the discolored sky bug on Vulkan
    – check point pushers/pullers by inheritance, not absiolute match
    – Implement FVector ZScript for Actor Scale
    – added FailSound property to PuzzleItem
    – add `i_pauseinbackground` to the menu. note: please pull the language file for this
    – set `i_pauseinbackground` to match `!(i_soundinbackground)` for all configs before this commit.
    – fixed division by zero with unvalidated ticdup values.
    – reinstated con_scale.
    – make sure the last notch on the start screen is rendered.
    – fix relative include path when loading folders
    – avoid storing texture pointers in longer lived data

  2. Avatar photo Updates says:

    New version available -> gzdoom 4.7.1-1~xtradeb1

    * New upstream release.
    * Mainly a bugfix release addressing the following issues:
    – Fixed: SBar_DrawTextureRotated was missing the angle parameter
    – Compat patch for misplaced items in Hexen MAP08.
    – fixed some imprecisions in font luminosity calculation. This was still going through the palette which could result in off-by-one errors.
    – fixed palette initialization for single lump fonts (FON2 and BMF)
    – push sprite shadows a little back for distance sorting
    – avoid multiple Dehacked mappings to the same function to fix MBF21 lookup issues.
    – disallow changing the line spacing for option menus.
    – be a bit more aggressive with the GC when not running the game loop.
    – fixed memory leak in DShape2DBufferInfo.
    – allow “INDEXFON” as an alias for “INDEXFONT”.
    – fixed A_Punch having a short attack range (take 2).
    – GLES: Fix texture MapBuffer and AllocateBuffer create client side memory.
    – Fix “out of memory” errors when the vulkan backend is asked to create zero byte sized buffers
    – resolved a VM abort upon morphing while the tome of power is active
    – fixed particle processing in the main thinker loop. This may not be guarded by the dynamic light flags, only the light ticking may.
    – fixed handling of states with the ‘light’ keyword.
    – Fixed broken V_BreakLines.
    – treat “materials” as a known folder name for eliminating root folders in Zips.
    * New Features:
    – widescreen assets for all officially supported games. This version adds Hacx, Harmony and Chex Quest.
    – Allow WorldUnloaded events to know the next map name (if any).
    – Allow map markers to scale relative to automap zoom.
    – Add cvars to control automap line alpha and thickness
    – PreTravelled virtual for player and inventory.
    – Allow customization of pause screen.
    – ReadThisMenu / MenuDelegate overriding.

  3. Avatar photo Updates says:

    New version available -> gzdoom 4.7.0-1~xtradeb1

    * New upstream release.
    * Highlights:
    – Widescreen graphics for Strife
    – new GLES backend for better performance on OpenGL 3.3 and early 4.x hardware.
    – MBF21 support (still in beta and not fully tested yet, bug reports are welcome)
    – DEHEXTRA working properly now
    – various enhancements and fixes for ZScript.
    * Details
    – fixed vertex generation when splitting walls by planes on old hardware.
    – menu system update from Raze for better control of animated menus.
    – GLES fixed: The weapon sprite must be rendered with the fullscreen colormap on.
    – use explicit virtual screen sizes for the scripted intermission backgrounds to better cope with background replacements.
    – fix compatibility handler for KDiZD’s Z1M3.
    – fixed: “Dialogue” in MAPINFO must clear all “AddDialogues” that came before.
    – fixed melee attack disance being off after adding MBF21 support.
    – fixed: Decal things did not spawn their lower decals.
    – fixed texture clamping for elements that are partially behind a slope.
    – fixed bad parameter order in MinoraurSlam.
    – Consider ‘Program Files’ a read only location without actually checking.
    – fixed: 3D floor model sectors were not added to the sector lists for precise rendering.
    – removed the redundant gl_render_precise CVAR.
    – fixed: colors from brightmaps and glowmaps need to be desaturated.
    – fixed: shaders with NO_LAYERS defined may not apply brightmap and glowmap.
    – Vulkan: Limit texture upload transfer buffers to roughly 64 MB
    – marked several invisible controller things to not show on the automap with the scanner powerup.
    – treat ‘vid_adapter 0’ as what Windows considers the primary monitor.
    – fixed: Brightmap application for horizons was undefined..
    – replaces “BS” and “ED” on the on-screen keyboards with the symbols normally found on the keyboard for these actions.
    – enable cvar blacklisting for defcvars for certain platform variables
    – demote unknown/invalid defcvars to warnings
    – split defcvars parser into its own file
    – fix options search when menus are defined recursively
    – exported STAYONLIFT flag.
    – added a modified version of MBF’s stay-on-lift feature.
    – fixed crash on getting location description without a level
    – block user overrides for the logic module of core fragment shaders.
    – added missing MBF21 Dehacked keys “blood color” and “dropped item”.
    – implemented MBF’s monsters_avoid_hazards feature.
    – added a map flag to disable MF6_JUMPDOWN.
    – added a per-level AVOIDMELEE flag.
    – allow passing a remap table to BestColor.
    – hud models: add nullptr check for psprites without caller.
    – removed the unused palette parameter from the V_GetColor family of functions.
    – Add FOV slider to the display options menu
    – added a null check to CheckWeaponChange.
    – replaced the alt HUD’s index font with a sheet based variant.
    – changed FString API to use ptrdiff_t instead of long for signed size arguments.
    – Fixed IsHUDModelForPlayerAvailable limitation.
    – Look up HUD models by referencing the psprite’s caller, rather than player’s ReadyWeapon.
    – Allow Strife hands psprite to be a model.
    – fixed: crushing stairs must use HexenCrush mode.
    – extended 2D buffer lifetime to the end of the frame
    – use RefCountedPtr to manage 2D shape buffer infos
    – added RefCountedBase without virtual destructor
    – made RefCountedPtr follow rule of five
    – make RenderCommands able to use Shape2D vertex buffers past the Shape2D’s lifetime without crashing
    – fixed line color handling in V_BreakLines.
    – run the dynamic light recreation loop before calling the light ticker.
    – fixed: instead of checking gl_lights, better check Level->HasDynamicLights.
    – do not run the dynamic light ticker when lights are switched off.
    – ensure that shadowmap indices only get set when shadowmaps are enabled.
    – fixed file system’s zip loader to not strip away a ‘filter/’ prefix.
    – do not perform shadowmap updates when dynamic lights are disabled.
    – moved the CheckForRestart call one level up so that it is within the Windows code and does not need #ifdefs.
    – delay the restart action from the error pane until after everything has been shut down.
    – use proper XMove for sheet fonts.
    – use original menu spacing for skill and episode menus if all elements are patches.
    – fixed: the software scene drawer must be deleted before calling ST_Endoom.
    – reorder evaluation for ‘if’ statements to handle the condition first.
    Otherwise this won’t emit errors if a bad condition is used with an empty conditional part.
    – fixed exploding barrel animation duration.
    – fixed two vr_* CVARs not getting archived.
    – dim depleted inventory items in all games, not just Strife.
    – fixed: palette index 0 (transparent) was left uninitialized for BMF fonts.
    – fixed: P_RoughMonsterSearch did not pass the fov parameter to its worker functions.
    – fixed BlockThingsIterator to not reset its list of processed actors when traversing portals.
    – fixed patch version in compatibility implementation of macOS detection
    – destroy stale thinkers after change level failure
    – fixed crash after change level failure
    – SDL2: Properly print white bold text to the screen
    – merged gzdoom-gles2 backend
    – use proper music check in ‘idmus’ CCMD.
    – voc loader fix.
    – better prefix detection in Zip loader.
    – SDL Vulkan init.
    – disabling of shadowmap management when the feature is off.
    – Extend the changemap command to allow warping to next or nextsecret.
    – fixed crash after fatal error in SDL backend
    – fixed premature destruction of status bar
    – fixed EBlastFlags enum definition
    – Add ‘BF_ONLYVISIBLETHINGS’ Flag to A_Blast
    – Fixed typo in Heretic light definition.
    – Fix wrong thiswad check for materials too.
    – fix /0 error caused by having a completely black font character. this error was triggered by Return of the Triad.
    – MBF21 beta implementation
    – corrected the NUL checks in S_FindSkinnedSound.
    – moved Doom specific font init code out of the backend.
    – Fixed crash calling ChangeSky() with an invalid texture.
    – added APROP_Soundclass
    – added fallback to the parenthesis glyphs for the braces.
    – font system overhaul.
    – Add some new optional parameters to A_SprayDecal.

  4. Avatar photo Updates says:

    New version available -> gzdoom 4.6.1-1~xtradeb1

    * New upstream release.
    * Fixed bug with BishopPuff moving in wrong direction
    * a couple important widepix fixes
    * fix for “Return to Phobos (return01.wad) has an ancient bug in map E1M2 where the switch to raise the exit bridge doesn’t work in versions of Doom past patch 1.2.”
    * add missing break statement in level_compatibility.zs
    * fix DaggerAlert using FindState incorrectly.
    * Fixed wrong parameter type passed into TryMove here
    * fixed: Actors did not set the position when spawning a dynamic light.
    * Add ‘AddDialogues’ in MAPINFO to additively add Strife NPC dialogs without overwriting each other.
    * let dynamic lights call UpdateLocation instead of just setting their position right after being spawned. This ensures that the position is correct and that everything gets set up properly.
    * fixed parsing of MAPxx par times in BEX lumps
    * Make sprite shadows ignore float bob
    * fixed explosive damage radius for clericflame.
    * fixed permission validation in OptionMenuItemCommand.DoCommand. This was missing the InMenu check like the other critical menu functions.
    * added detection of macOS 12 Monterey
    * prevent redundant string copying in Strife conversation parser
    * Fixed impassable exit line in 007ltsd.wad E4M7
    * fixed initialization of model frames
    * fix missing border flat on heretic shareware
    * fixed parsing of 2D vectors in OBJ model loader
    * added TVector2<> constructor from float*
    * fixed bad type in FxFontCast.
    * fixed potential crash when sound sequence is destroyed. Level can be unset if sound sequence destruction happens after saved game loading failure
    * report correct macOS version with older SDKs
    * Add Windows 11 detection
    * added an OnDestroy method to Shape2D so that its users can explicitly free the data it holds. In this case it is very important to care about management, because this class will hold GPU-side buffers!
    * prevent appearance of dangling pointers in corpse queue
    * fixed format specifier compilation warnings
    * fixed: splashes need the MOVEWITHSECTOR flag.
    * better sprite shadow control
    * exclude sprites which are not either opaque or use regular blended translucency from casting shadows.
    * exclude wall and flat sprites from casting shadows.
    * In both of these cases the shadow math is unable to produce anything useful that doesn’t look off.
    * fixed: shadow alpha for translucent objects was not correct in the hardware renderer.
    * tweaked shadow code a bit.
    * let CASTSPRITESHADOW act as an override for render style checks. If this is set we can assume that a shadow is desired regardless of style.
    * reordered code to do the more costly checks only when needed.
    * fixed brightmap definitions for the SpiderMastermind.
    * add player setup to simple options menu
    * do not precache unreferenced textures
    * added map option to disable shadowmaps. (Prompted by ‘Hurt’ which has
    > 4000 lights and runs into both performance issues and unpredictable light selection for the limited amount of shadowmap slots.)
    * language update
    * GLES Fixes
    * Fix light binding when using pipeline buffer on OpenGL
    * Stop colormap being applied to 2D drawing

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