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Edit and manage a large collection of photos

Fotoxx has many features, including but not limited to:

  • Navigate a large image collection with a thumbnail browser.
  • Fotoxx has extensive tools for edit, repair, and special effects.
  • File versioning, metadata edit and report, search
  • Edit image features or areas separately from background.
  • Composite functions and batch functions
  • Albums, slideshow with animated transitions and pan/zoom.
  • Scalable world map with click to see markers.
  • Standards compliant, can be used with other photo programs.

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Ubuntu versionsUpdated onVersion
StatsDownloads: current / overall (XtraDeb releases)
21.10, 20.042022/04/02 07:4622.15-1~xtradeb1
22.042022/05/04 23:5922.16-1~xtradeb1

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Comments: 9

  1. Updates says:

    New version available -> fotoxx 22.16-1~xtradeb1

    * New upstream release.
    * Tools > Popup Text: added [Edit] button for easier customization.
    (user-defined cache of special characters for input into text widgets)
    * Select > Copy/Complex: new tool for copy and paste of areas having complex and/or low-contrast boundaries. Similar to prior “Select Hairy”.
    * Preferences: most changes no longer require an application restart.
    * PT Panorama was removed because underlying tool [Hugin] has disappeared.

  2. Updates says:

    New version available -> fotoxx 22.15-1~xtradeb1

    * New upstream release.
    * Windows WSL: speedup code was removed. Fotoxx under WSL is fast enough for image files in the Linux file system, e.g. /home//Pictures/…
    * Windows WSL: use higher tolerance for file mod-time difference detection.
    * New: Rename Folder: rename the current folder (image gallery).
    * Album Create: better UI direction when creating an initially empty album.
    * New: Batch Copy/Move: copy or move selected image files to a new folder.
    * Show RGB: reduce CPU loading: repaint only if a monitored pixel changes.
    * Developer menu: New: toggle display of popup text for mouse events.
    * Preferences: image justification in window can be left/center/right.
    * “Select Hairy” was incorporated into the main Select Area function.
    This is now easier to use, but still a significant learning curve.
    * New: Tools > Popup Text: popup special text/characters to use in edits.
    * Bugfix: Remove Halo: ‘undo’ drag: crash if pixel RGB is 0/0/0.
    * Bugfix: Crop: drag crop edge over window edge: drag fails to release.
    * Bugfix: Select > Edge Blend: zero contrast area creates ‘nan’ RGB values.
    * Bugfix: Markup > Oval: stop automatic draw of prior oval.
    * Bugfix: Copy From Image: set current scale into dialog widget.

  3. Updates says:

    New version available -> fotoxx 22.14-1~xtradeb1

    * New upstream release.
    – Montage: function was renamed to “Image Table” (makes a table of images).
    – Image Table:
    user can choose the background color (was: white only).
    table margin, image row and column spacing can now be set separately.
    downscaled images now have higher quality (compared to bilinear).
    – Copy in Image: more flexible source/destination location synchronization.
    – Copy/Move: auto index to next file if dialog is kept open.
    – Remove Halo: new: remove halo effect sometimes left by sharpen, etc.
    – Rotate: [crop] button in rotate dialog: auto-crop rotate margins.
    – Bugfix: Paint Image: correct default image for color selection.
    – Bugfix: use memmove() not strcpy() in double to string conversion.
    – Bugfix: Crop: [max] button result may be 1 pixel short of maximum size.
    – Bugfix: plug minor memory leak in File Save function.

  4. Updates says:

    New version available -> fotoxx 22.12-1~xtradeb1

    * New upstream release.
    – GDK bug workaround: add window hide/show calls to force update.
    – Bugfix: crop [max] button was not working right for rotated image.

  5. Updates says:

    New version available -> fotoxx 22.11-1~xtradeb1

    * New upstream release.
    – Album Mass Update: report shows before/after files only where changed.
    – Batch Convert: new option: upsize files to specified width/height limits.
    – New: Effects > Soft Focus: simulate a classic analog photography method.
    – New gallery sort option: file names with numbers in same position now sort in numeric order, e.g. xxx1x.jpg < xxx3x.jpg < xxx23x.jpg < xxx101x.jpg - New: Gallery > Add Subfolder: add new subfolder to an existing folder.
    – Bugfix: Index may fail to refresh the current gallery for changed files.
    – Bugfix: Crop: fix small difference between input and actual image size.

  6. Updates says:

    New version available -> fotoxx 22.1-1~xtradeb1

    * New upstream release.
    – Update appimage libraries to those available in early 2020, and remove exiftool and dcraw in favor of the current release in user systems.
    – Gallery File Selection: thumbnails are highlighted when selected.
    – Escape key from gallery or map view mode: set file view mode.
    – Icons were redesigned and some menu names shortened.
    – Make thumbnail image brightness correspond to source image alpha channel.
    – Added hidden menu option for integrated developer tools.
    – Markup functions: now easier to make multiple markups in sequence.
    – Local Contrast: sporadic halos at edges of select area were eliminated.
    – Autosearch: location for search parameters file is saved_searches folder.
    – New: check and report required/optional outboard programs and functions.
    – Preferences: remove pick list, user can set any video play command.
    – Album Mass Update: popup report details album file changes made.
    – Bugfix: some RAW file thumbnails were rotated 90 degrees.
    – Bugfix: better detect inconsistent settings in Batch Convert dialog.
    – Bugfix: stop popup text windows from taking focus (stop minor nuisance).
    – Bugfix: copy/move: if current file is moved, set no current file.
    – Bugfix: if out of disk space during edit, warn user: save file and quit.

  7. Updates says:

    New version available -> fotoxx 21.60-1~xtradeb1

    * New upstream release.
    – New: Composite > Show CIM Files: list input files for current function.
    – New option: blacklist file for folders/files which Fotoxx will ignore.
    – Bugfix: gallery select: range select via shift+Lmouse was not working.
    – Bugfix: correct bad TIFF tag, correct error checking of tiff files.
    – Appimage package: update dcraw to newest version.
    – Include Fotoxx release number in window title bar and EXIF edit history.
    – 1.8x speedup for large panoramas (>100 megapixels).
    – New: File > Remove Alpha: apply alpha to RGB and remove alpha channel.

  8. Updates says:

    New version available -> fotoxx 21.55-1~xtradeb1

    * New upstream release.
    – Tools > Preferences: 3 log levels: errors only, + info messages, + dialogs.
    – Gallery thumbnail click: update metadata view and edit dialogs, if active.
    – Edit > Copy in Image: retain relative source/target image positions until changed, and keep both mouse targets visible between mouse strokes.
    – Edit > Copy From Image: sync source/target positions via shift + left click.
    – Tools > Preferences: PNG file compression level was removed. This is now fixed at value 1 (for libpng). Higher values are ineffective and slower.
    – Repair > Sharpen > Richardson-Lucy: no longer necessary to manually fix the margins around a selected area for sharpening.
    – Select Area finish dialog: avoid redundant area fill, save some time.
    – First Startup, Index: add tip: how to compensate invalid/corrupted files.
    – Image Index: add more checks and messages for invalid/corrupted files.
    – Image Index: RAW file indexing + thumbnail creation: approx. 5x faster.
    – fotoxx.h: avoid incorrect GCC warning by adding superfluous brackets.
    – Bugfix: more checks for malformed RAW/TIFF files (avoid libtiff crash).
    – Bugfix: avoid call GTK function in thread (top panel update, crash risk).

  9. Updates says:

    New version available -> fotoxx 21.52-1~xtradeb1

    * New upstream release.
    – Bugfix: missing menu icons caused by incorrect file permissions.
    * From the previous release 21.51
    – Usability: File/Gallery/Map menus now auto-set the corresponding view mode.
    – KB shortcuts: F2/F3/F4 are now mapped to file/gallery/map views.
    F/G/M keys are now free for user assignment to these or other functions.
    Other changes were made to the default KB shortcuts table. To enable the new defaults, delete the KB_shortcuts file in your Fotoxx home folder, restart Fotoxx, and restore whatever customizations you wish to keep.
    – Paint Edits: edits are now confined in select area as well as mouse radius.
    – Search Images: text search: match whole words with optional wildcards (*).
    – Markup > draw oval: improve mouse responsiveness.
    – Wayland bug work-around: move cursor failure causes popup menu failure.
    – Appimage package now includes support for file types .webp .heic .jp2.
    – Bugfix: Copy From Image failure (bug was planted in 21.44).
    – Bugfix: edit of .heic file may cause crash.
    – Bugfix: Slide Show: option to show image title/description was not working.
    – Bugfix: ARM cpu: va_arg() returns 0x100000000 as EOL instead of null.

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