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Folder comparison and synchronization tool

FreeFileSync is a folder comparison and synchronization software that creates and manages backup copies of all your important files.

Instead of copying every file every time, FreeFileSync determines the differences between a source and a target folder and transfers only the minimum amount of data needed.

FreeFileSync is Open Source software, available for Windows, macOS, and Linux.

Homepage | License: GPL

Ubuntu versionsUpdated onVersion
StatsDownloads: current / overall (XtraDeb releases)
21.10, 20.042022/03/17 11:5411.18-1~xtradeb1
22.042022/05/24 22:2211.21-1~xtradeb1

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Comments: 8

  1. Updates says:

    New version available -> freefilesync 11.21-1~xtradeb1

    * New upstream release.
    – Support volume GUID as path: \?Volume{01234567-89ab-cdef-0123-456789abcdef} (Windows)
    – Avoid Two-Way conflict when changing folder name upper/lower-case
    – List hidden warning messages in options dialog
    – Fixed buffer overflow while receiving SFTP server banner
    – Create crash dumps even if FFS-internal crash handling doesn’t kick in
    – Log time when error occurred, not when it is reported
    – Swap sides: Require confirmation only after comparison
    – Updated translation files

  2. Updates says:

    New version available -> freefilesync 11.20-1~xtradeb1

    * New upstream release.
    – Fixed broken icon scaling on high-DPI displays
    – replace all patches with the ones from stackrpms

  3. Updates says:

    New version available -> freefilesync 11.18-1~xtradeb1

    * New upstream release.
    – Add comparison time to sync log when using GUI
    – Added user-configurable timeout for Google Drive
    – Consider port when comparing (S)FTP paths for equality
    – Fixed SFTP key file login error on OpenSSH_8.8p1
    – Add error details for NSFileReadUnknownError (macOS)
    – Disable new config button when already at default
    – Use user language instead of region locale during installation

  4. Updates says:

    New version available -> freefilesync 11.17-1~xtradeb1

    * New upstream release.
    – Show per-file progress in percent when copying large files
    – Log app initialization errors
    – Fixed uncaught exception after installation
    – Defer testing for third-party buggy DLLs until after crashing
    – Consider ReFS 128-bit file ID failure states (Windows)
    – Refer to volume by name: support names including brackets
    – Support local installation with non-standard home (Linux)

  5. Updates says:

    New version available -> freefilesync 11.16-1~xtradeb1

    * New upstream release.
    – Allow to select and remove invalid config file
    – Migrated all HTTPS requests to use libcurl (Linux, macOS)
    – Set keyboard focus on config panel after startup
    – Added computer name to log file trailer
    – Context menu instead of confirmation dialog for swap sides
    – Fixed config selection lost after auto-cleaning obsolete rows
    – Install app files with owner set to root (Linux)
    – Don’t override keyboard shortcut “CTRL + W” (macOS)
    – Migrated key conversion routines deprecated in OpenSSL 3.0
    – Boxed app icon to fit OS theme (macOS)
    – Fixed manual retry after automatic update check error
    – Fixed missing ampersands in middle grid tooltip

  6. Updates says:

    New version available -> freefilesync 11.15-1~xtradeb1

    * New upstream release.
    – Play sound reminder when waiting for user confirmation
    – Enhanced crash diagnostics with known triggers
    – Defer reporting third-party incompatibilities until after crashing
    – Support running FreeFileSync from Dokany-based encrypted volumes
    – Fixed Server 2019 not being detected for log file
    – Use native representation for modified config (macOS)
    – Improved WinMerge detection for external app integration

  7. Updates says:

    New version available -> freefilesync 11.14-1~xtradeb1

    * New upstream release.
    – Authenticate (S)FTP connections using OpenSSL 3.0
    – Fixed E_NOINTERFACE error after synchronization
    – Preempt crashes due to Nahimic Sonic Studio 3
    – Hide main window when minimizing progress window (macOS)
    – Avoid second dock icon when minimizing progress window (macOS)

  8. Updates says:

    New version available -> freefilesync 11.13-1~xtradeb1

    * New upstream release.
    – Manage default filter settings via GUI
    – Support arbitrary location for local app installation (macOS)
    – Fixed ERROR_FILE_NOT_FOUND masking real file access error (Windows)
    – Copy full file paths to clipboard (CTRL + C)
    – Preserve clipboard contents until after program exit
    – Always enable external command if independent of file items
    – Support installation without Rosetta2 on ARM64 (macOS)

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