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Post-nuclear 3D real-time strategy game

In Warzone 2100 you command the forces of “The Project” in a battle to rebuild the world after mankind has almost been destroyed by nuclear missiles.

The game offers campaign, tutorial, multiplayer and singleplayer skirmish modes. An extensive tech tree with over 400 different technologies, combined with the unit design system, allows for a wide variety of possible units and tactics.

Warzone 2100 was created by Pumpkin Studios, published by Eidos Interactive and is currently developed by the Warzone 2100 Project.

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2020/11/163.1.0337337 (4)
2022/03/164.2.799682 (23)

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Comments: 11

  1. Avatar photo Updates says:

    New version available -> warzone2100 4.3.5+dfsg-1~xtradeb1

       * New upstream release.
       * General:
          - Add: Display kills and units in spectator stats UI
          - Fix: "Get off my land" and "kill selected" cheats
          - Fix: Don't assign trucks from factories to commanders
          - Fix: Repairs: Reset secondary only after "go-to-rally-point" was
            triggered, separate RTR logic from RTR_SPECIFIED
          - Fix: Various potential crashes and corrupt config issues
       * Graphics:
          - Fix: Properly render unit resistance bar
       * Multiplayer:
          - Add: /hostmsg lobby chat prefix that sends a message only to the host
          - Change: Add Heavy Rocket Array to all skirmish AIs
          - Change: Improvements to Nexus AI
          - Fix: Desync with losing player-turned-spectator when certain defensive
            structures remain
       * Balance MP:
          - Change: Slightly increase the build cost of Mortar1Mk1
          - Change: Return Tank Killer reloadTime from 160 -> 180
          - Change: Increase HRA production time from 800 -> 900
       * Other:
          - Fix: "kick identity" command should only kick, not ban
  2. Avatar photo Updates says:

    New version available -> warzone2100 4.3.4+dfsg-1~xtradeb1

       * New upstream release.
       * General:
        - Add: A separate Ban/Kick activity, allow removing from ban list while
          running game, and fixes for spectator mute
        - Fix: Various potential crashes
        - Fix: Let some older maps show up again in the map lists
        - Fix: Always cancel research when starting it in another lab
        - Fix: Persist Snap config data by using SNAP_USER_COMMON
       * Graphics:
        - Fix: Fix missing sections on Tank Killer super cyborg
       * Campaign:
        - Change: Gamma 4: Remove middle tank traps guarding team Alpha and remove
          the repair units to account for new repair micro-AI
        - Change: Always blow up walls and tank traps during Nexus transfers in
        - Change: Improve difficulty differences on Gamma 9
        - Change: Make Alpha 1-3 missions flow a bit more smoothly; Increase player
          flamer ranges
        - Change: Make Gamma 1 easier by activating factories depending on what part
          of the valley you exit
       * Multiplayer:
        - Add: Add lobby command: makeplayer
        - Add: Add a join message
        - Fix: Do not truncate spectator labels
        - Fix: Stop Mission Time and store it when the results screen pops up
        - Fix: Preserve player identity on rename
       * Balance MP:
        - Add: Add new Heavy Rocket Array weapon which depends on MRA and HEAT
          Rocket Warhead Mk2
        - Change: Reduce effectiveness of artillery modifier on bunkers 40% to 20%,
          Reduce effectiveness of artillery modifiers against Tracked 40% to 30%
        - Change: Make Heavy Repair Turret and Repair Facility appear at same time,
          improve facility repair speed by 10, and make light repair turret cost
          less and build faster
        - Change: Buff Plasmite Flamer HP to 125 to match the HP on Twin Assault Gun
        - Change: Move Pulse Laser to around Seraph Missile and drop Sensor Upgrade
          Mk3 requirement
        - Change: Increase costs on later MG research and on (Twin) Assault Gun
        - Change: Pull some Rocket damages in earlier, Reduce Tank Killer reload
          time to that of Lancer, Improve Rocket Pod long range accuracy to 50% from
        - Change: Needle reload time matches the latest cannon weapons, nerf Super
          Rail gunner damages and range, nerf VTOL Needle/Rail radius and radius
          damage and increase weights
        - Change: Pull Mortar into Advanced Bases by removing factory module
        - Change: Reduce time and cost for Command Turret research by 50%
        - Change: Reduce research topic time and cost for most defenses by 50%
        - Change: Increase reward for some engineering upgrades to 30%
       * Other:
        - Add: Add autohost and autorating documentation
        - Fix: Fix building with GCC 13
  3. Avatar photo Updates says:

    New version available -> warzone2100 4.3.3+dfsg-1~xtradeb2

       * New upstream release.
       * General:
        * Add: Cursor scaling implemented
        * Change: Prevent loading old ~pre-4.x series saves to curb strange and
          invalid bug reports
        * Fix: Various potential crashes
        * Fix: [Audio] Improve stream buffer exhaustion handling to hopefully avoid
          occasional music resets
        * Fix: Don't override orders with guard behavior when done repairing unless
          explicitly ordered to repair
        * Fix: Load structure and droid limits before loading droids and structures
        * Remove: "Go Back buttons in options menu" due to causing keymapping
       * Graphics:
        * Change: Make light/medium half-tracks a bit more distinct
        * Change: [SDL backend] Windows: Workaround for Nvidia threaded optimization
       * Campaign:
        * Change: Rebalance FastPlay to better fit the new campaign balance
        * Fix: Default initialize the NP artifact group waypoint on Alpha 11 so
          grabbing the artifact first won't interfere with their movement
        * Fix: Fix config file not storing the correct color variable when selecting
          a flag color in the options menu, thus reverting to green after level exit
       * Multiplayer:
        * Change: Allow setting up to 20 research labs in the limits menu
        * Fix: Attempt to improve slot/identity behavior
       * Balance MP:
        * Change: Use a new set of experience thresholds for unit and commander
          ranks; Make EMP/Electronic weapon research depend on Command Turret Upgrade
        * Change: Reduce splash radius of the EMP Cannon to 1.5 tiles from 2 tiles
        * Change: Reduce build power of the little scourge cyborg to 233 from 250 and
          increase range by 1 tile
        * Change: Reduce Assault Cannon research time by about 1 minute, Twin Assault
          Cannon still appears at the same time
        * Change: Make Twin Assault Gun come earlier by about 1 minute so to appear
          before Twin Assault Cannon
        * Change: Push Whirlwind further back into the tech tree and depend on
          Dedicated Synaptic Link Data Analysis Mk3 / move Depleted Uranium Bullets
          after Dense Composite Alloys Mk3
       * Other:
        * Add: [GitHub Actions] Flatpak: Initial publishing support
        * Add: Attempt to create an overview document on micro-AI behavior
        * Change: [CMake] Add -uastc_rdo_m to basis universal to improve reproducible
        * Fix: Improve notifications and exception handling for them
        * Fix: Do not play attacked sounds from friendly fire
  4. Avatar photo Updates says:

    New version available -> warzone2100 4.3.2+dfsg-1~xtradeb1

       * New upstream release.
       * General:
        - Fix: Various potential crashes
        - Fix: Restoring window sometimes shows black screen in OpenGL mode
        - Fix: Possible high CPU usage when minimizing window in Vulkan mode
        - Fix: Default fullscreen dimensions should match the current resolution
        - Fix: PNG files should take precedence over KTX2 files, to support mods
       * Graphics:
        - Fix: Missing top section on cyborg repair turret
        - Fix: Update generic design tank
       * Balance MP:
        - Change: Buff Flashlight for tanks, increase HP 100->180 and add 1 tile of
           range 12->13
        - Change: Reduce periodical damage on Incendiary Mortar 26-24
        - Change: Remove MGAA specific research, Whirlwind requires all MG ROF
          upgrades and Hurricane, AG and Hurricane need MG ROF2, MG ROF3 require
          Assault Gun
        - Change: Reduce price of Hellstorm from 450->400 and weight from
          20000->10000, Pepperpot price reduced from 200->175 and build time from
  5. Avatar photo Updates says:

    New version available -> warzone2100 4.3.1+dfsg-1~xtradeb1

       * New upstream release.
       * General:
        * Fix: Crashes caused by certain old config file settings
  6. Avatar photo Updates says:

    New version available -> warzone2100 4.3.0+dfsg-1~xtradeb1

       * New upstream release.
       * General:
        * Fix: Improve classic ("exclusive") fullscreen mode switching, additional
          Video Options
        * Fix: Give Hardcrete Gate a research message
        * Fix: Add missing terminating entry
        * Fix: Truncating audio streams, buffer leaks
        * Fix: Move favorite structures to a JSON file
        * Fix: Mobile repair turrets prioritize distant heal targets over closer ones
        * Fix: Improve fixed hotkey display
        * Fix: Redundant components becoming available
        * Fix: Autorating tooltip requests
        * Add: "LOD Distance" Graphics option, to adjust texture sharpness at
          distance - set default to "High"
        * Fix: Nickname selection in lobby
        * Fix: Cancel RTR when fully repaired, and there are no repair stations
        * Fix: Build status for trucks in helping mode
        * Fix: Various potential crashes
        * Add: Add console message when limits change
        * Add: Convert language selector to dropdown with flags
        * Add: OPUS format support, convert all music tracks to opus format. New
          "Aftermath" soundtrack added.
        * Add: Add support for bidirectional text using fribidi
        * Add: Basic per-script font support, add CJK font
        * Add: Show the rank a unit will have if it were produced next
        * Add: Various refactoring / prep-work for future Emscripten builds
        * Add: Basic texture compression support
        * Add: Go Back functions better by backing out 1 in-game menu instead of
          going back to the initial ESC options menu
        * Change: Make save name suggestion easy to understand
        * Change: Various Vulkan improvements
        * Fix: Various potential crashes
        * Fix: Disable the auto button in the replay load menus
        * Fix: Fix longstanding save related research state issue where incomplete
          research topics could disappear
        * Fix: Speed up headless replay loading
        * Fix: Make artillery fire over walls
        * Fix: Direct weapon: Don't fire when blocked by defense hardpoint
        * Fix: Simplify repairs logic, prevent "stuck" repair stations
       * Graphics:
        * Fix: Keep aspect ratio for sequences in full screen
        * Fix: Garbage first frame of video
        * Fix: Auto-adjust menu item font size to better fit long strings
        * Fix: Properly render multi-level structure models
        * Fix: Faction model lookup for multi-level models
        * Fix: Retribution body clipping into Hover propulsion
        * Fix: Flicker with VTOL Assault Gun
        * Fix: Returned and redesigned classic models for wheeled propulsion, light
          and medium half-tracks
        * Fix: Update VTOL rearming pad model
        * Fix: Tank factory model fixes
        * Fix: Combine propulsion models
        * Fix: Add warning for outdated propulsion models in stats files
        * Change: Make sliders a bit slim to look better
        * Change: Fix team chooser being off by 1 pixel, and merge factions into the
          color chooser
        * Fix: Fix vertex indexing on cyclone flak
        * Fix: Fix OpenGL antialiasing only working at 2x
        * Fix: [Vulkan] Prefer integrated GPUs over CPU device types and ensure
          llvmpipe is selected last
        * Fix: Improve one of the scavenger cranes, fix model errors
        * Fix: Make the wrecked tanker cast a shadow by correcting its type
        * Fix: Fix some water pipe feature models
        * Fix: Prevent Howitzer/Mortar mount model causing glitchy rendering on the
          back of the tray
        * Fix: Overhaul all mortar models. Fixes missing backside of Pepperpot,
          missing top section of EMP mortar, centered hole texture location, smaller
          mount model
        * Fix: Change Cyborg and Super Cyborg model to fix shadow issues
        * Fix: Improve a bottleneck in shadow calculations
        * Fix: Rendering improvements for text and translucent effects
       * Campaign:
        * Add: New Super Easy difficulty for campaign
        * Change: Increase difficulty of later Beta missions
        * Change: Improvements to campaign library script documentation
        * Change: Make Beta-end even harder to survive in general by only choosing
          powerful VTOL weapons
        * Change: Start the northern most scavenger factory upon triggering the 2nd
          LZ on Alpha 6, for this ever so elusive scavenger base
        * Fix: Fix the balance of FastPlay since the merging of camBalance
        * Fix: Prevent building something on the future LZ of Gamma 9 on the couple
          missions prior
        * Fix: Transporters when starting Beta/Gamma from the main menu no longer
          block structures an extra tile more than they should at the LZ for the
        * Fix: Prevent warning about removing timers related to enemy trucks before
          they exist
        * Fix: Make the western scavenger factory in Alpha 2 use a patrol order to
          prevent amassing units in one spot
        * Fix: Make Gamma 2 factory use patrol behavior to prevent tanks clogging up
          the base
       * Multiplayer:
        * Change: Push back Ultimate Scavengers Helicopter appearance times
        * Fix: Fix names sometimes being set to "Commander" in multiplayer
        * Fix: Do not form alliances with scavengers when starting games
        * Fix: Add a research message for Stormbringer, fix auto-cannon cyborg
          research message
        * Fix: Merge skirmish/multiplayer score/kill structure; Save/load recent
          score/kills for skirmish saves, and prevent this skirmish data showing for
          players in multiplayer too
        * Fix: Prevent 32-bit builds from appearing to freeze if a really long chat
          message is entered
        * Fix: Check human player designs to be legal during MP and desync the modded
          client player if they try to circumvent this check further
        * Fix: Chat message is sent upon clicking anywhere outside of chat widget
       * AI:
        * Change: Improve Cobra AI yet again, balances against defensive/system
          research when 1v1 on high oil maps
       * Scripting:
        * Fix: Use unit propulsion for pickStructureLocation()
        * Fix: Make derrick positions unique
       * Balance MP:
        * Change: Revamp machinegun AA weapons to use machinegun research
          requirements instead of cannons
        * Change: HVC ROF Rollback for tank and cyborg
        * Change: Boost flamers: add 1 tile of range to Inferno, 0.5 tiles of range
          to Thermite cyborg, and reduce Plasmite Flamer weight 5000->1000 and give
          it a small increase to HP from 75->100
        * Change: Make Needle require two cannon accuracy upgrades since Scourge
          Missile requires two rocket accuracy upgrades
        * Change: Make ~T2 MG damage upgrades take less time to research to help keep
          MGs relevant before Flashlight
        * Change: Increase Heavy Cannon long range by 0.5 tiles making it reach 9
        * Change: Condense Reinforced Base Structure Materials upgrades into 3
       * Other:
        * Fix: Always update the base.wz and mp.wz when building
        * Fix: NSIS installer: Add warning when running ARM64 installer on x86/x64
        * Fix: Release automation issues
        * (See 4.3.0-beta1 for everything else)
        * Add: Flatpak builds
        * Add: Add difficulty selector to debug menu AI attach option
        * Change: Chop off the ".gam" extension when showing saves in the console
        * Change: Allow game speed modifier of 2x outside of debug mode
        * Change: Make use of sequence factory.ogg in the tutorial when a Viper
          Machinegun Wheels is first manufactured
        * Change: Improve metainfo / appstream data
        * Fix: Fixed hotkey doesn't count selected units correctly
        * Fix: Disable ground retexture after destroying skyscrapers on non-Urban
        * Fix: Tweak autorating level field behaviour to show a correct image
        * Fix: Major enhancements and fixes to wzmaplib and the maptools CLI tool,
          new "flat" map archive format added
        * Fix: Work around Flame issue where ScrollMin* > ScrollMax*
        * Fix: Make the Command Relay intel message accurate yet again
        * Fix: Do not ever skip loading droid save data (if it ever did at all)
        * Fix: Improve autorating requesting and attempt to put data into tooltip
        * Fix: Make Blender PIE plugin work on Blender 3.2
        * Fix: Prevent (potentially endless) "over-shooting" in ValueTracker on
          low-perf system affecting blueprints, rotation of camera, etc.
        * Fix: Improve autorating request policy
  7. Avatar photo Updates says:

    New version available -> warzone2100 4.2.7-1~xtradeb1

    * New upstream release.
    * General:
    * Fix: VTOLs occasionally land to attack
    * Fix: VTOLs may attempt to “attack” when empty
    * Fix: Optimum range not moving past long range when clicking a target
    * From: Version 4.2.6:
    * General:
    * Fix: Potential crash due to reinitializing default fog color
    * From: Version 4.2.5:
    * General:
    * Fix: Do not make units move unnecessarily when attached to commanders and ordering an attack
    * Fix: Fix Autorepair not working on units waiting to be built inside a factory when the research is completed
    * Fix: Headless spectator performance improvements
    * Fix: Prevent the drawing of the Command Turret from crashing some systems using flatpak versions
    * Fix: Various potential crashes
    * Graphics:
    * Add: Allow modding fog color via the palette file and move the fog start/end distance to the config file
    * Campaign:
    * Add: Restore a new early finish feature on Beta-end like in old versions for Easy/Normal difficulty
    * Change: Bump Easy modifier to 1.5 for numeric values and Hard to 0.85 from 0.80
    * Change: Decrease the base cleanup area on Alpha 12 to remove a lone bunker in the very NorthWest part of the middle base
    * Change: Give generous experience to all transporter unit loads on Beta/Gamma when starting from the main menu
    * Change: Make the southern scavenger base on Alpha 5 also trigger the transporter reinforcements for the player
    * Change: Upgrade a few campaign maps with better defenses for camBalance, add missing modules on some buildings, and add oil drums to many Beta maps
    * Change: Move Whirlwind research later into Beta campaign so Cyclone gets used for a bit longer
    * Change: The Collective uses Whirlwind tanks like in previous versions again
    * Change: Clear console when displaying automatic victory reminders
    * Change: Allow campaign library to handle multiple VTOL spawn systems. Fix array out-of-bounds access for the “alternate” VTOL templates option
    * Fix: Fix campaign HMG tower structure for Flame map editor and on a few Alpha maps
    * Fix: Make Beta-end fail if the player finds themselves with no units, factories, and just a empty transporter
    * Multiplayer:
    * Add: Add in-game “Mute Player” functionality via right-clicks on chat messages in lobby, and a button in the Intelligence menu in-game
    * Change: Spectators: Make F9 work and clicking on droids/structures for information purposes.
    * Fix: Fix the Ultimate Scavenger weapon “Scavenger Mounted MG” not having a short range
    * Fix: Ultimate Scavengers not building a few vehicles due to components not unlocked for them
    * Fix: Remove extra propulsion models on scavenger helicopters
    * Fix: Format the netplay log file better
    * Modding:
    * Fix: Modding gamedesc.lev no longer causes a crash anymore
    * AI:
    * Change: Small improvements to Cobra AI and allow it to play cyborg only games
    * MP-Balance:
    * Change: Balance Mini-Rocket Pod against Light Cannon better by reducing Mini-Rocket Pod cost from 75 to 70
    * Change: Increase cost of Cannon Fortress to 1000 from 900 as it was incredibly cheap compared to other fortresses
    * Change: Make Bombard unlock Ground Shaker instead of the Howitzer, Remove Ground Shaker requirement for HEAP Howitzer Shells, and make Howitzer Autoloader depend on HE Howitzer Shells Mk3
    * Other:
    * Add: New maxReplaySaved and oldLogsLimit config options
    * Fix: Prevent truncating time in the Intelligence menu in skirmish/multiplayer
    * Fix: Discord Rich Presence displaying the wrong host when host is a spectator/autohost
    * Fix: Fix macOS-specific search path priority
    * Fix: Add Arabic to the list of available languages
    * Fix: Check for electronic research rewards already researched

  8. Avatar photo Updates says:

    New version available -> warzone2100 4.2.4-1~xtradeb1

    * New upstream release.
    * Bugfixes:
    – Numerous fixes for crashes, cleanup issues, and memory leaks
    – Fix: Prebuilt ally gates not being passable
    – Fix: Cleanup old log files
    * Campaign improvements:
    – Change: Ignore VTOLs when a campaign enemy group unit can’t hit them
    – Change: Better target selections by sorting targets relative to group average coordinate
    – Change: Add a time range to cam3-1 launch / detonate sounds
    – Change: Make the winning requirements for Beta-end more clear
    – Change: Make Gamma 5 a little more hectic on Hard / Insane difficulty
    * Skirmish / Multiplayer improvements:
    – Add: Additional lobby chat slash commands, cmdinterface event output
    – Change: Set default AI back to Nexus
    – Change: Make some AIs easier when using Easy difficulty
    – Change: Remove old Cobra Hard / Insane weapon perks
    – Fix: Repeated game over message
    – Fix: Add campaign Collective and Nexus structures back into mp stats file, fixing old maps

  9. Avatar photo Updates says:

    New version available -> warzone2100 4.2.3-1~xtradeb1

    * New upstream release.
    * General:
    * Fix: Unable to demolish structures at full health
    * Fix: Properly remove old QuickSave data when quick-saving
    * Fix: Drop pending structures on first click
    * Fix: Play buzz sound once per interval
    * Fix: Ultimate Scavengers freeze on certain maps
    * Fix: Improve OpenGL context cleanup on init failure
    * Fix: Various crashes
    * Multiplayer:
    * Fix: Game doesn’t end when autohosting if all players leave simultaneously

  10. Avatar photo Updates says:

    New version available -> warzone2100 4.2.2-1~xtradeb1

    * New upstream release.
    – New: “Multiplay Options” menu
    – New: Hotkey to “Select all land combat units, with health >50%, not assigned to any group”
    – New: Add 7-player map “Thales”
    – Fixes for initializing OpenGL / Vulkan on certain systems
    – Fix: Don’t needlessly move Repair Turrets & Builders
    – Fix: Re-ordering construction units to build something shouldn’t cancel it
    – Fix: Don’t retreat Repair Turrets (RT) to other RT
    – Fix: Don’t reset attack range under commander
    – Fix: Ignore rearm order when already rearming
    – Fix: Don’t show green overlay when impossible to build next module
    – Fix: Don’t show modules in build list when unable to build more buildings of that type
    – Fix: Factory set Hold Position bug
    – Fix: Various savegame / autosave issues
    – Fix: Partial UI soft-lock with certain in-game menus
    – Fix: Remove Command Relay structure requirement for Command Turret research
    – Fix: Toggling debug mode in skirmish as spectator
    – Fix: Ultimate Scavengers building an absurd amount of factories that could cause the game to freeze
    – Numerous fixes for crashes, cleanup issues, and memory leaks
    – Multiplayer balance tweaks:
    – Adjust Heavy Plasma Launcher: Reduce damage 250 -> 225, increase firePause 300 -> 350, reduce periodical Damage Radius 128 -> 64 (PR #2386)
    – Adjust Incendiary Mortar: “researchPoints”: 3600 -> 4800, “researchPower”:
    112 -> 150 (PR #2407)

  11. Avatar photo Updates says:

    New version available -> warzone2100-video 3.1.0-1~xtradeb1

    * Repackage for xtradeb

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