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Personal and small-business financial-accounting software

Gnucash provides accounting functions suitable for use by small businesses and individuals. It can track finances in multiple accounts, keeping running and reconciled balances. There is support for customer, vendor and employee processing. It has an X based graphical user interface, double entry, a hierarchy of accounts, expense accounts (categories), and can import Quicken QIF files and OFX files.

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  1. Avatar photo Updates says:

    New version available -> gnucash 1:5.3-1~xtradeb1

       * New upstream release.
       * The following bugs have been fixed:
        - Bug 798967 - Cannot Save to Any Path After Upgrading to 5.2 Fix inverted
          if statement condition for save success flag
       * Other repairs or enhancements not marked as bugs:
        - Some memory cleanup by Chris Lam.
        - Missing from the 5.2 release notes is that Chris streamlined the
          transaction scrubbing so that each transaction gets scrubbed only once.
          This improves--in some cases substantially--the time to load and to run
          Check and Repair.
       * New and Updated Translations: Hungarian, Dutch, Portuguese, French, Italian
       * Between 5.1 and 5.2, the following bugfixes were accomplished:
        - Bug 777472 - reconcile does not work if transaction selected
          Check that there's no outstanding activity in the current register page
          before starting a reconciliation. It is still possible to start modifying
          a transaction after the reconciliation window is open but this will stop
          the most common issue with the process. Starting a reconciliation from the
          account tree is left unprotected.
        - Bug 798564 - GnuCash is slow when there are a lot of open tabs/registers
          Lazily load registers as is already done with reports.
        - Bug 798597 - The word "Separators" needs two separate versions
          Use "Character-separated" when it's a choice between that and fixed field
          width and "Select Separator Character" when it's a heading.
        - Bug 798695 - Deleting everything from the "Transfer" cell after
          suggestions pop-up restricts search to the first 30 accounts
          Skip the search on an empty value and return all accounts in the combo box
          as it normally does if the account list is opened without searching for
        - Bug 798796 - Account list incomplete in report options
          Allow stock/fund accounts that are descendants of Bank accounts to be
          selected for the Advanced Portfolio, Investment Lots and Investment
          Portfolio reports.
        - Bug 798809 - Multicolumn report error when reopened after saving.
        - Bug 798839 - Edit -> Preferences string not translatable (reopened)
        - Bug 798862 - Merge identical strings (reopened)
        - Ensure similar strings are identical and use double line view instead of
          double line mode.
        - Bug 798879 - RFE: [Transaction Report] add Running Total option
        - Bug 798885 - Accented character in folder name on Account Export (reopened)
        - Bug 798899 - Gnucash crashes during CSV import when using a template if
          the destination account is changed from one used in the template
        - Bug 798901 - Wrong value for very small prices from Finance::Quote.
        - Bug 798916 - Exchange rates fetched from openexchange off by factor of 10
        - Bug 798919 - Inconsistent signs in creating budget
        - Bug 798923 - OFX import is no longer matching security nor asking for
          stock account.
        - Bug 798930 - invoices won't sequence to the next number
        - Bug 798948 - XML file corrupted by saving twice in extremely short period
        - Bug 798952 - Unable to set day threshold or counters in properties.
        - Bug 798960 - Transaction completion horizontal scrolling opens without the
          new text being visible and remembers previous position/width
        - Bug 798966 - Uninitialised variable used in
       * The following fixes and improvements were not associated with bug reports:
        - The type-ahead selection of transaction descriptions has been
          substantially overhauled based on extensive user feedback. Matches are now
          only on the beginning of words and are now sorted by age since last use.
          This both substantially reduces the number of matches and prioritizes the
          most recently used as being the most likely candidates for re-use. To help
          distinguish cases of long descriptions where the match would be outside
          the popup's viewport the viewport is automatically scrolled horizontally
          so that the end of the left-most (right-most in rtl languages) matches is
          centered in the view. Completion can be aborted with the  key or a
          new Don't autocomplete selection that's the first entry in the popup.
        - Fix lockup on Windows in type-ahead selection of transaction descriptions.
          More budget-module sign fixes and improvements.
        - Lots of memory-leak fixes, GLib modernization, and code cleanup by Richard
          Cohen, Simon Arlott, & Chris Lam.
        - Bugfix xaccTransGetTxnType: avoid returning TXN_TYPE_LINK incorrectly:
        - A TXN_TYPE_PAYMENT will have non-APAR splits; a TXN_TYPE_LINK will not
          have non-APAR splits. This bug manifests as a regular TXN_TYPE_PAYMENT
          transaction being later voided being incorrectly changed to TXN_TYPE_LINK.
        - Including brokerage fees in Money Out calculation (if not ignoring them)
          in advanced-portfolio.scm report and updating the "advanced" tests to
          reflect selling fees being included into the money out value.
        - [stock-txn-asst] Don't use the initial value in amount edit widgets unless
          they're valid. Otherwise the invalid value will log an error that will
          prevent later valid input from working.
        - Bugfix: Actions > Online Actions > Show log Window does not open when it
          is first clicked.
        - cmake: check gdk only when building GUI Get the tooltip working on "Online
          Banking Setup"
       * New and Updated Translations: Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional),
         Croatian, English (Australia), English (New Zealand),
         English (United Kingdom), Estonian, French, German, Hungarian, Lithuanian,
         Marathi, Norwegian Bokmål, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Spanish, Swedish,
  2. Avatar photo Updates says:

    New version available -> gnucash 1:5.1-1~xtradeb1

       * New upstream release.
       * The following bugfixes were accomplished:
        - Bug 765920 - Running balance not accurate when sorted different ways
          Renamed option to "Account Balance" to avoid confusion with running total.
          Added helper function to ensure running balance and balance forward are
          only shown when transaction are grouped by account and sorted as in
          register. In that case column heading remains "Running Balance" and
          balance forward is shown. Otherwwise column heading is renamed "Account
          Balance" and balance forward is not shown.
          Also added missing code for Common Currency conversion.
        - Bug 797879 - [Transaction Report] running balance column not consistent
          with amount column for SAME transaction date
        - Bug 798461 - balance sheet shows positions with zero balances despite
          report options
        - Bug 798775 - Why is General Journal called "Register" in the tabs?
        - Bug 798802 - Online Price quote - Stocks not working GNU 5.0 Windows Bis
        - Bug 798802 - Online Price quote - Stocks not working GNU 5.0 Windows
        - Bug 798807 - Keyboard shortcuts not working
        - Bug 798808 - Saved reports shown on main menu
        - Bug 798810 - Income Statement (multicolumn) - account sorting is
          'reversed' each time you restart.
        - Bug 798812 - crashes after I open a customer report and select…
        - Bug 798813 - Under File->Import, Missing OFX/QFX menu item
        - Bug 798815 - flatpak run --command=gnucash-cli cannot download quotes
          since 5.0.
        - Bug 798821 - Crash when running report in window
        - Bug 798834 - CSS-based Stylesheet Help Button not working
        - Bug 798839 - Edit -> Preferences string not translatable
        - Bug 798844 - "Assign as Payment" does nothing in 4.14 & 5.0
        - Bug 798845 - User Config and User Data link broken
        - Bug 798851 - Account Balance 'include subaccounts' not saved
        - Bug 798854 - Softkey 'Save Config' remains dark
        - Bug 798862 - Merge identical strings
        - Bug 798863 - Crash on clicking Settings button second time
        - Bug 798864 - Budget Reporting on select reports are wrong
        - Bug 798869 - Transaction Import MAP
        - Bug 798872 - Reload inoperative for reports
        - Bug 798877 - Program crashes upon selection of CSV profile
        - Bug 798885 - Accented character in folder name on Account Export
        - Bug 798886 - [Transaction Report] Subtotal upper headings do not follow
          font style of lower headings
        - Bug 798893 - several menu tip messages in reports are marked translatable
          but unused.
        - Bug 798894 - TOTD with ellipsis broken.
       * The following fixes and improvements were not associated with bug reports:
        - Add filters to the File>Open dialog in File mode to show only files with
          GnuCash extensions, only those matching GnuCash's backup file pattern,
          or any extension.
        - Select the first result in the Customer/Vendor search dialog. This allows
          faster keyboard navigation -- Find Customer, input search string, press
          ENTER, use up/down to select desired object, press ENTER to open object.
        - Improve foreign currency handling in budget report
        - Improve handling of the blank transaction when the register is sorted in
         * Change the preference option 'Future transactions after blank
         * Change tooltip for 'Blank Transaction' in register to mention moving
           to the blank transaction.
         * Show the blank transaction at top of register
        - Prevent infinite recursion from gnucash_item_edit_focus_out when using an
          input method.
        - Create obsolete features list with first member book_currency.
        - Obsolete features set in the book will be removed from the book's KVP and
        - Restore existence, but not implementation, of GNC_FEATURE_BOOK_CURRENCY.
          At least one user has managed to get it set on their book so even
          though it was supposed to be unimplemented it got through somehow.
          Restoring it allows books with it set to load.
        - Offer to force edit non-identical fields when multiple matches are selected
          in the import matcher window. Previously, only identical
          Desc/Notes/Memo were unlocked for editing.
        - Guard against there being no namespaces in the new security dialog
        - Fix Finance::Quote use on Win32 by dealing with Win32 rn newlines on
          return from finance-quote-wrapper.
        - Fix some menu labels that were not marked for translation
        - Fix category in CSV export with simple layout.
          If Trading accounts is enabled, and the transaction is a transfer
          between two accounts of differing commodities, the CSV simple-layout
          export would incorrectly show "--Split Transaction--" as the category.
        - When configuring Guile use pkg-config before searching for binaries.
       * New and Updated Translations: Chinese (Simplified), Croatian, English
          (Australia), English (New Zealand), English (United Kingdom), Estonian,
          French, German, Hindi, Hungarian, Japanese, Portuguese, Slovak, Spanish,
          Swedish, Turkish, Ukrainian
  3. Avatar photo Updates says:

    New version available -> gnucash 1:5.0-1~xtradeb1

       * New upstream release.
       * The following bugfixes were accomplished:
        - Bug 798792 - "Delete Split" missing from context menu
        - Bug 798793 - Cursor jumps to the end of the field.
       * The following fixes and improvements were not associated with bug reports:
        - Fix crash in gnc_owner_get_owner
        - [gnc-account-sel] fix entered_text leak
        - Fix missing statusbar tooltips for popup menus
        - Popup menu missing from sx template transactions window
       * New and Updated Translations: Chinese (Simplified), Croatian, Hungarian,
         Japanese, Portuguese, Portuguese (Brazil), Spanish, Swedish
  4. Avatar photo Updates says:

    New version available -> gnucash 1:4.904-1~xtradeb1kinetic1

      * New upstream release.
      * The following bugfixes were accomplished:
       - Bug 798570 - Budget totals for income, expenses and remaining to budget
         incorrect for one specific date.
       - Bug 798558 - Irregular line spacing in Account Tree View
       - Bug 798773 - Help file launches in browser when using command-H to hide
         This is a MacOS-only problem. Note that for the fix to have effect you
         must remove the file accelerator-map from GNC_CONFIG_HOME when GnuCash
         isn't running.
       - Bug 798778 - GnuCash quits abruptly when attempting to edit options for
         certain reports.
       - Bug 798781 - Printing multiple checks prints duplicate checks
       - Bug 798787 - gnc-register-owner-option currently broken
      * The following fixes and improvements were not associated with bug reports:
       - Fix quotes codecvt to wchar_t error on Windows.
       - Budget totals for one period would be wrong when increasing the number of
       - Change the handling of accelerator maps. Gtk no longer supports changing
         these from the menus and the save no longer writes out the accelerators
         that have their default values, so to assist users editing them we have
         generated default ones that we include with GnuCash and have disabled
         saving when quitting GnuCash. At startup GnuCash will check for the
         presence of the file accelerator-map in GNC_CONFIG_HOME and if it's not
         found will copy in the default one.
       - Properly parse plus signs while importing numbers in a CSV file.
       - Fix CSV price import file loading
       - CsvImport - actually do as the warning indicates: If an invalid column is
         found in a preset, replace it with a NONE column, rather than not
         inserting a column at all.
      * New and Updated Translations: Chinese (Simplified), Croatian, Hungarian,
         Japanese, Portuguese, Portuguese (Brazil), Spanish, Swedish
  5. Avatar photo Updates says:

    New version available -> gnucash 1:4.903-1~xtradeb1

       * New upstream release.
       * The following bugfixes were accomplished:
        - Bug 798765 - Increase the limit for Maximum Slices in the Expense Piechart
       * The following fixes and improvements were not associated with bug reports:
        - Add JSON::Parse to gnc-fq-update.
        - Guard against some possible null pointer dereferences
        - Change the reconcile window toolbar icon for 'Other the Account' to
        - Change toolbar 'Blank' icon for invoice page to match register
        - Change the short cut from CTRL+Page_Down to CTRL+b and change the toolbar
          icon to 'go-jump'.
        - Remove -Wno-pointer-sign, adding the necessary casts in gnc-gwen-guic.c
        - Remove -Wno-error=parentheses, added for gcc 8.0 and gtk 3.14
        - Remove redundant uses of cmake -E env
        - [c++options] Save an empty SCM string for nil or empty option values.
          Avoids crash at reload due to unknown variable.
        - [c++options]Really fix the gnc_option_db_lookup_string_value leak
  6. Avatar photo Updates says:

    New version available -> gnucash 1:4.902-1~xtradeb1

       * New upstream release.
       * The following bugfixes were accomplished:
       * The following fixes will also appear in GnuCash 4.14:
        - Bug 798748 - Transaction Notes field's value does not appear in reverse
        - Bug 798754 - Build fails with gcc 13 and glib > 2.76
        - Bug 798759 - Register widths for 'with sub-account' not saved
        - Bug 798600 - CSV import of multi-split security transactions fails to load
          capital gain. Transactions with capital gains processing can have splits
          in transaction currency with a zero amount and a non-zero value. To
          properly import those, prefer the value column even if transaction
          currency equals account commodity. Previous (wrong) assumption was that in
          case of a same-currency split, the amount would always be the value.
          Update csv transaction export format to include split values. In the csv
          importer the 'GnuCash Export Format' option will now include values. For
          compatibility with filex exported from older gnucash versions the previous
          preset is still available under the name 'GnuCash Export Format (4.x and
       * The following additional bug fixes are in unstable only:
        - Bug 782141 - Import CSV - Multi-currency support can cause rounding errors
          Replace the column types 'Deposit' and 'Withdrawal' with 'Amount' and
          'Amount (Negated)' that are conceptually applicable more widely. Also
          introduce column types 'Value' and 'Value (Negated)' to allow construction
          of splits in commodities different from the transaction currency. While
          Value is the number in the transaction currency, always use 'Amount' in
          single-currency transactions.
        - Bug 793306 - Price is not imported from CSV
        - Bug 796955 - Import CSV - Single-line two-currency transactions can't be
        - Bug 797033 - The CSV Importer should not obey with the "automatic digital
          point" setting
        - Bug 797383 - Import transaction via CSV selects the commodity as a
          currency, results in an invalid transaction that is uneditable, and a
          corrupted price database. Change the transaction currency to the from or
          base account's parent account currency if the from or base account is not
          denominated in a currency. This allows to import stock transactions
          directly into the stock account.
        - Bug 797903 - Transaction window: The 'blue line' is always (erroneously)
          topmost when t. sorting order is inverted.
        - Bug 798334 - Importing transactions from CSV with space as thousand
        - Bug 798572 - Parse numbers with two minus signs as a positive numbers
        - Bug 798691 - Memo field not updated on CSV import using U+C
        - Bug 798732 - : Type of balance carry forward accounts for german skr49
          account template fixed. The accounts listed are of the EQUITY type and not
        - Bug 798749 - Fails to read gsettings on startup
        - Bug 798753 - UX improvements in new import dialog
        - Bug 798763 - "Manage Document Link" keyboard shortcut is missing
       * The following fixes and improvements were not associated with bug reports:
        - Always use the Company Name from book options in reports, removing the
          Company Name report option.
        - Fix the register sheet being insensitive when in reverse order
        - Allow C decls after statements. Legal since C99.
        - Make the scheme tests fail immediately if they load an external gnucash
        - [c++options] Restore the ability to set plot sizes in pixels.
        - [c++ options] Restore forward & backward compatibility, fix crash.
        - CsvTokenizer - add additional test case for escaped quotes It simulates
          the case where csv fields are fully quoted and an escaped quote ("") is
          found in some field. This case is handled correctly, adding the test to
          guard this in potential future modifications.
        - [dialog-employee] toggle sensitivity instead of visibility of GncAccountSel
        - [eguile-utilities.scm] remove fmtnumber. deprecated in maint.
        - Sort the gnc tree view column menu
        - Delete action on account page not disabled on edits.
        - L10N:DE:Updating accounts from 0001 to 8000 DATEV-SKR04 2022-01-01
        - GSettings migration: Ensure that the current version is set on a new
        - GnuCash installation and that migrations applicable to versions of GnuCash
          later than the current one do not run.
        - Turn on -Wunused
        - Rename Hellow World report to Sample Report.
        - Generic Importer - allow user to modify exchange rates for
        - Make logging accessible from python modules
        - Allow C declarations after statementsGood for declaring variables at point
          of use
       * New and Updated Translations: Czech, Hungarian
  7. Avatar photo Updates says:

    New version available -> gnucash 1:4.901-1~xtradeb1

      * New upstream release.
      * Between 4.900 and 4.901, the following bugfixes were accomplished:
      * The following fixes will also appear in GnuCash 4.14:
       - Bug 797477 - Manual foreign transaction from APAR to another doesn't
         trigger price input
       - Bug 797725 - Untranslatable string "For Period Covering ~a to ~a"
       - Bug 798734 - Aging Reports don't handle mixed currency payments and
         invoices without Trading Accounts
       - Bug 798737 - Minor grammatical error - 'for' missing in 'You will be asked
         a conversion rate for each.'
       - Bug 798740 - Build fails with gcc 13
       - Bug 798747 - Crash in Investment Portfolio report.
      * The following additional bug fixes are in unstable only:
       - Bug 753307 - Custom Report be selectable as default Report for Printing
         Change the preference in Business->'Report for Printing' to be saved as a
         book property and allow the selection of any Invoice Report to be used as
         the default.
       - Bug 794028 - CSV import, default to matching full account name
         If the account map doesn't yield a result, try to map the import string
         against existing accounts' full names
       - Bug 796955 - Import CSV - Single-line two-currency transactions can't be
         Use a provided price if the transfer account uses a different commodity
         from the base account's; apply it as transfer amount = base amount * price.
         Add a transfer amount column option to avoid the rounding that might arise
         from having an inexact price.
       - Bug 797756 - Currency format setting is ignored
       - Bug 798292 - csv Import Transactions Ignores Multi-Splits
       - Bug 798475 - GNCAccountSel could have shortcuts
       - Bug 798730 - Open report doesn't remember selected accounts over restart
       - Bug 798739 - Advanced Portfolio report fails
      * The following fixes and improvements were not associated with bug reports:
       - Move the Balance Sheet P&L Report out of experimental into regular menu.
       - Rename the Deposit and Withdrawal column labels in the CSV import
         assistant to Amount and Amount(Negated) for clarity when importing into
         something other than a bank account.
       - Improve muti-currency invoice payment:
        - Show proper amount in dialog when applying or editing an existing
          transaction as payment.
        - Be more careful not to waste the existing payment split
        - If the user changed the payment amount while starting from an existing
          transaction unreconcile the changed payment split
        - Avoid needlessly changing transaction currency (only do so if the user
          chose a new transfer account and the old currency is neither the new
          transfer account's currency nor the post account's currency)
        - Payment dialog - always list all possible post accounts instead of only
          those in the currency of the selected vendor or customer
        - Refuse to continue when a transaction has splits in more than one AP/AR
          account to avoid losing data.
       - Add widget names to import dialogs so they can be manipulated with css
         Fix some memory leaks
         Ensure original splits are freed in xaccTransRollbackEdit
         Add ability to show placeholder and hidden accounts in the GNCAccountSel
         widget to hide placeholder and hidden accounts. By default these accounts
         are hidden, but with the use of a secondary icon a popup menu is presented
         where the list can be configured to show them. Also when the GNCAccountSel
         is set to a specific account with gnc_account_sel_set_account, the
         placeholder and hidden properties are checked and appropriate changes made
         so the account will be visible.
         Wrap function decls in extern "C" in all headers so that they can be
         included without wrapping the include statements.
      * New and Updated Translations: French, Hebrew, Hungarian, Italian, Russian,
  8. Avatar photo Updates says:

    New version available -> gnucash 1:4.900-1~xtradeb1

       * New upstream release.
       * New Features
        - A new Stock Transaction Assistant to guide you through entering most
          investment transactions for stocks, bonds, and mutual funds. You can
          access it from Actions>Stock Assistant when you have the Accounts page ora
          Stock or Fund account register open.
        - A new Investment Lots report showing a graph of capital gains and losses
          in a period by investment lot. Note that if you don't use the View Lots
          dialog to manage capital gains and losses this report won't have anything
          to show you. Use Reports>Assets & Liabilities>Investment Lots to see the
        - A new tab on the New/Edit Account dialog called More Properties includes
          entries to set a high and low limit on an account. That's coupled to a new
          column that's available on the Accounts Page, Balance Limit. If you set a
          high or low limit and the account balance falls above or below the
          respective limit an indicator will be shown in the Balance Limit column.
        - The description field quickfill in the register now displays a drop-down
          list of possible completions instead of just one inline completion.
        - File import menu items for the MT940, MT942, and DTAUS formats is replaced
          with a single Import from AQBanking that supports importing any file
          format supported by AQBanking, including the frequently requested CAMT.
       * Between 4.13 and 4.900, the following bugfixes were accomplished:
        * The following fixes will also appear in GnuCash 4.14:
         - Bug 798588 - sx scrubbing was using incorrect free function
         - Bug 798625 - "Last up through report date" changed in 4.12
         - Bug 798679 - Unicode normalization should be used for comparison but not
         - Bug 798702 - Crash in gnc_plugin_page_focus_idle_destroy() closing a
           report before it completes.
         - Bug 798705 - New: UI string mismatch: OK vs. Next
         - Bug 798717 - Reports > Business > Fancy Invoice duplicates company details
        * The following additional bug fixes are in unstable only:
         - Bug 403979 - Balance column shows only low order digits when too narrow.
           If the column is too narrow to display the whole number it will display
           the leading digits with an ellipsis (…).
         - Bug 769256 - Change New Account Dialog. Rearrange the New and Edit Account
           dialog to move the parent selector under the description field followed by
           the account type as a combo (i.e. drop down) list.
       * The following fixes and improvements were not associated with bug reports:
        - Unicode normalization for string matches is changed from NFKC to NFC. This
          means that font and positional variants will no longer match and is
          unlikely to affect most users. See Unicode Normalization Forms:Canonical
          and Compatibility Equivalence for the technical details.
        - The Gtk menu structure has been rewritten to use the newer
          GMenu/GMenuModel system. This change is mostly invisible to users, except
          that to keep menu accelerators (like Q to quit) working on macOS we
          had to let macOS handle the events. That will affect using cut, copy, and
          paste in dialog boxes because the menu will intercept them. That's
          temporary, we hope to have it fixed for GnuCash 4.901.
        - The Finance::Quote interface is rewritten in C++. This new design will
          allow much better capture of diagnostics from Finance::Quote making
          troubleshooting problems much easier.
        - The perl Finance::Quote utilities gnc-fq-check, gnc-fq-dump, and
          gnc-fq-helper are removed and new commands added to gnucash-cli: --quotes
          info replaces gnc-fq-check and --quotes dump replaces gnc-fq-dump.
        - New API: The options system has been rewritten in C++ with Scheme wrappers
          for report options. While this is invisible to most users, those who have
          written custom reports should look for deprecation warnings when the
          custom reports are reconciled. The main difference is that option creation
          and registration is now done in a single function call. Note that
          gnc:new-options is now gnc-new-options. There are several similar changes.
          All of these are wrapped in bindings/guile/options.scm with the old names,
          but are marked to raise deprecation warnings to encourage you to change.
          The wrappers will be removed in GnuCash 6.0.
       * Deprecations: See the deprecation warnings in options.scm as noted above.
       * New and Updated Translations: Chinese (Simplified), Croatian, Hungarian,
          Polish, Portuguese (Brazil)
  9. Avatar photo Updates says:

    New version available -> gnucash 1:4.13-1~xtradeb1

       * New upstream release.
       * Between 4.12 and 4.13, the following bugfixes were accomplished:
        - Bug 760274 - The Statusbar "forgets" when register doesn't have focus
        - Bug 798545 - Crash when updating document link on vendor bill
        - Bug 798614 - Croatia to join the Euro
        - Bug 798629 - gnucash crashes attempting to import OFX file
        - Bug 798633 - 4.12 build failure on 32-bit Linux: "No code for module"
        - Bug 798640 - Segfault when running saved report
        - Bug 798649 - Crash when closing Edit Style Sheets dialog while Style Sheet
          Properties dialog is still open.
        - Bug 798653 - Schedule Calendar event description pop up window does not
          track mouse position
        - Bug 798657 - Import Summary language is wrong
        - Bug 798664 - Result of 'gnucash --nofile' is marked dirty
        - Bug 798669 - Multicolumn Balance Sheet not printing exchange rates include
          equity accounts in the exchange rate commodities list.
        - Bug 798672 - Preferences are not saved nor loaded, ERROR 
          g_settings_new_full: assertion 'schema != NULL' failed
        - Bug 798680 - Not able to match a reverse transaction of a previously
          matched transaction.
        - Bug 798681 - Previously imported investment income transactions may not be
        - Bug 798694 - Cursor in the wrong place after pasting with auto-completion
       * The following fixes and improvements were not associated with bug reports:
        - Don't normalize text when pasting from the clipboard or appending
          descriptions or notes during imports.
        - [register] Delay post-ime reset of the selection to works around bug
        - [ofx import] Clean up importing investment transactions for smoother
          workflow and better UI behavior.
        - [account-piecharts] drill-down piechart: tree-depth is at most 6
        - Fix numerous memory leaks.
        - [ifrs-report] From Bug 798004 allow Cr cash to offset Dr fee and remove
          invalid "dividend reinvestment" during short.
        - [gtest-qofevent.cpp] Add comprehensive tests for qofevent
        - [test-qofbook] Test that gnc_features_test_unknown returns a suitable
          error message
        - [test-qofbook.c] add test for gnc_features_set_unused
        - [gnc-features.cpp] backport gnc_features_set_unused from master
        - [qofbook.cpp] backport qof_book_unset_feature from master
        - Move gnc-euro.[ch] to engine and unit test it.
        - [test-qofbook] basic features test: Sets a feature and tests it's set.
          It's impossible to design a book with unknown features using the API.
        - po/README: Remove relics from ancient context forms
        - [test-ifrs-cost-basis] amend tests to accommodate extra column.
        - [ifrs-cost-basis] compare register vs calculated capgain per transaction.
        - Accomodate WebKit package version update to webkit2gtk-4.1.
        - [assistant-stock-transaction] input positive capgains for Credit income
       * New API: None.
       * Deprecations:
        - qof_book_get_features
       * New and Updated Translations: Chinese (Simplified), Croatian, English
          (Australia), English (New Zealand), English (United Kingdom), French,
          Hungarian, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Macedonian, Polish, Spanish, Urdu
  10. Avatar photo Updates says:

    New version available -> gnucash 1:4.12-1~xtradeb1

       * New upstream release.
       * Between 4.11 and 4.12, the following bugfixes were accomplished:
        - Bug 794584 - Register not updated when scheduled transactions created
        - Bug 798262 - Scheduled transactions with blank amounts do not get created.
        - Bug 798385 - Description to often only "Landesbank Hessen-Thuringen Girozentrale"
          Prepend the Ulitimate Creditor or Ultimate Debtor to the transaction description.
        - Bug 798565 - Import map editor: deletion of a map does not mark gnucash document as dirty
        - Bug 798573 - Tab Width Behaviour Formerly when the notebook tabs on the left or right, the space used fluctuated depending on tab label width. This change sets the label width to the preference setting when the tabs are on the left or right but when top or bottom the width is set to the number of characters when shorter than the preference setting so they take up less room.
        - Bug 798578 - MT940 imports broken - all transactions have date of first transaction
        - Bug 798585 - segfault running sample script
        - Bug 798588 - sx scrubbing was using incorrect free function
        - Bug 798590 - Transaction report: wrong type argument in position 1
        - Bug 798598 - Selecting a line in a Vendor Credit Note changes display of Subtotal cell to 0.00
        - Bug 798611 - Date changing when changing timezone by one hour When getting a date from the date editor anywhere in the program set the time to neutral time instead of the beginning of the day unless get_date_internal is called with GNC_DATE_EDIT_SHOW_TIME in which case the user-provided time is used.
        - Bug 798616 - Can't register amount greater than 9,000,000,000 Because when loading the value the split in the xml backend doesn't yet have a parent so the code tried to convert to GNC_COMMODITY_MAX_FRACTION and if the numerator was larger than 10^10 that would overflow. To fix it this changes the "don't know" response in get_currency_denom and get_commodity_denom to GNC_DENOM_AUTO which will normally leave the denominator alone.
       * The following fixes and improvements were not associated with bug reports:
        - It is now possible to edit the description, notes, and memo fields of new transactions in the import matcher and to do so for multiple transactions.
          The option is accessed via a context menu on selected import lines.
        - Show GnuCash's installation and configuration configuration paths in the About dialog. List the same from the command line with a --paths option.
        - Add account hierarchy templates for locale es_AR
        - Continued work on the Stock Transaction Assistant. If you want to try out this new way of recording your investment transactions start GnuCash with the --extra option. The stock assistant is available on the toolbar and from the Actions menu when a register for a STOCK or FUND account is focused.
        - Replace the very obsolete ghelp: URI scheme with help: and install the documentation according to the XDG documentation spec on non-Mac Linux systems. This ensures that the Help menu documentation items work with Gnome 42 and later.
        - Conforming to the XDG documentation spec, rename the root page of the Help manual to index from help. This has the happy side effect of removing some special-case code from the macOS documentation links.
        - Standardize the top-level Equity and Assets account names in the French templates to "Capitaux propres" and "Actif" respectively.
        - [gnc-ab-utils] concise string accumulator
        - [gnc-glib-utils] gnc_g_list_stringjoin skips NULL data
        - [ifrs-cost-basis] identify sale/purchase according to truth table instead of via flawed heuristics
        - [ifrs-cost-basis] add options used as a report footer
        - [lot-viewer] Show Open & Close dates only when they have a value.
        - Fix use-after-free crash in gnc_set_busy_cursor.
        - Create Swiss SMB account chart acctchrt_pme-19.gnucash-xea.
        - [date-utilities] avoid report crash if start > end date
        - [html-chart] add percent formatter for numbers for older javascript.
        - [trial-balance] set default price-source to average-cost to minimise complaints (see Bug 798550)
        - Use macos-latest github runner for mac tests.
        - [dialog-price] Price Database: Insert help buttons
        - Disable transaction type (i.e. Bill or Invoice) in Invoice/Bill Registers, determining the type by inspecting the money flow.
        - Fix python tests dependencies so that ninja check works from a clean build directory with Python enabled.
        - Review of account templates C—missing placeholders, redundancies
        - Fixed a variety of memory leak, poor list handling, and dangling reference errors.
       * New API:
        - gnc_tm_get_today_neutral to complement gnc_tm_get_today_begin and gnc_tm_get_today_end.
        - gnc_get_dialog_widget_from_id
        - gnc_list_all_paths
       * Deprecations: None.
       * New and Updated Translations: Basque, Chinese (Simplified), Croatian, Dutch, English (Australia), English (New Zealand), English (United Kingdom), French, German, Hebrew, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Korean, Marathi, Polish, Portuguese, Portuguese (Brazil), Russian, Swedish, Ukrainian
  11. Avatar photo Updates says:

    New version available -> gnucash 1:4.11-1~xtradeb1

    * New upstream release.
    * Between 4.10 and 4.11, the following bugfixes were accomplished:
    – Bug 797163 – qof_book_get_option segfaults when retrieving a non-leaf frame
    – Bug 798053 – Accounts renumeration (renumbering)
    – Bug 798471 – Can’t see or select Income or Expense accounts in Income Tax Information GUI
    – Bug 798483 – GnuCash Crashing With SIGSEGV During QFX Import Transaction Matching
    – Bug 798491 – MT940 of day 28.02.2022 ends in transactiondate 01.01.1970
    – Bug 798493 – Invoice Report Quantity & Unit Price fields have limited decimal precision on printed invoices
    – Bug 798496 – gncEntry Quantity and Discount are misusing commodity scu
    – Bug 798499 – Expense Chart data tables include extra columns of data
    – Bug 798500 – FTBFS (tests failure) on armhf
    – Bug 798501 – Balance wrong date end of period
    – Bug 798531 – Selecting “Print” from the file menu on a report crashes gnucash
    – Bug 798533 – Crash when importing quicken @ currency
    – Bug 798535 – Crash when increasing the number of periods in a budget
    – Bug 798547 – Calculated Due Date is short 1 day when posting on day of fall change from Daylight Time to Standard Time.
    * The following fixes and improvements were not associated with bug reports:
    – Partially fix Bug 771095 by inserting a help button in the Since-Last-Run dialog.
    – Lock down GITHUB_TOKEN permissions on workflows.
    – [g_option_context_get_help() returns a char* which must be freed.
    – [assistant-stock-transaction] dividends must include stock account.
    – Fix arch linux CI build failures.
    – Add a help button to the financial calculator dialog.
    – [assistant-stock-transaction] avoid resetting txn_types unnecessarily.
    – [assistant-stock-transaction] reorder of Pages – date before type.
    – [import matcher] Only append description if there’s something to append to, Otherwise just set the new string.
    – [balsheet-pnl] test “lvl <= depth-limit" outside add-indented-row as a first step trying to fix bug 798502. the bug likely resides in the (if) conditional in (add-account-row). - [gnc-main-window] page->window is not main_window, skip warning.
    – [gnc-plugin-page-register] if account==NULL, skip AccountIsPriced because gnc_plugin_page_register_ui_initial_state may be called for non-account registers (eg the sx editor) and account may be null.
    – [gnc-account-sel.c] prepend & reverse while building acct list and don’t use confusing double pointer
    – Fix use-after-free in unable to save database dialog.
    – [account.cpp] restore breadth-first search for 2 functions:
    gnc_account_lookup_by_name and gnc_account_lookup_by_code were searching breadth-first and accidentally changed to depth-first in 4.7.
    – [account.cpp] gnc_accounts_and_all_descendants converted from scm
    – [CI]Work around new git security measure.
    – [gnc-numeric.cpp] Reduce logging level of gnc_numeric exception message because exceptions are expected in some use cases.
    – Redo icon handling in cmake Using globs for file copying prevents cmake from discovering newly added icons. Writing rules that explicitly use lists of icons will fix this as a new icon in the sources will have to be added to the list and will force reparsing by cmake. We have to maintain the lists anyway for our dist target so there’s actually no extra work involved for the devs.
    – [assistant-stock-transaction] better Dr/Cr imbalance error message
    * New API:
    – gnc:accounts-and-all-descendants-sorted
    – gnc-accounts-and-all-descendantsNone
    * Deprecations:
    – gnc:account-path-less-p
    – gnc:accounts-and-all-descendants
    * New and Updated Translations: Arabic, Chinese (Simplified), Croatian, English (Australia), English (New Zealand), English (United Kingdom),
    French, German, Hebrew, Hindi, Hungarian, Italian, Korean, Nepali, Norwegian Bokmål, Polish, Portuguese (Brazil), Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Ukrainian

  12. Avatar photo Updates says:

    New version available -> gnucash 1:4.10-1~xtradeb1

    * New upstream release.
    * Bugfixes based on reports:
    – Bug 684507 – commodity namespace should be localized
    – Bug 741674 – Newly created Scheduled Transactions appear in existing search windows
    – Bug 797501 – Currency symbols in Hebrew (RTL) language
    – Bug 797772 – Allow reconciliation report to double filter by both posting and reconciliation date
    – Bug 798164 – Import transaction window does not allow changing the transaction description.
    – Bug 798272 – up/down arrow keys do not work in account selection pop-up
    – Bug 798375 – Transfer Account Selection not editable after typing error
    – Bug 798386 – Cannot increment date by 1 day with Japanese keyboard. Allow ‘;’ to increment the date because on those keyboards + is shift-;.
    – Bug 798391 -OFX import routine keeps prompting for accepted (and reconciled) transactions when imported again
    – Bug 797610 – Scrolling is too fast to follow
    – Bug 798392 – Reports do not display when Reports JavaScript dependencies are located at a filepath that includes special characters like hash (“#”)
    – Bug 798395 – ofxdirectconnect downloads crash gnucash 4.9
    – Bug 798408 – The calculation in budgets UI and reports are wrong.
    – Bug 798411 – Untranslated/Unused string [pt only]
    – Bug 798415 – Due Bills Reminder Dialog – Right align ‘amount’This was a right-to-left language (e.g. Hebrew) problem.
    – Bug 798435 – Crash on print after printing checks
    – Bug 798438 – on reconcile window, click on the last column ‘R’ does not order the entries according with the status
    – Bug 798448 – Column ‘num’ cannot be null
    – Bug 798458 – Build failure with gcc 12
    – Bug 798474 – Windows 10: Mouse scroll wheel on register only scrolls 1 pixel at a time (instead of 1 line at a time)
    * Fixes and improvements not associated with bug reports:
    – Added a BETA Stock Transaction Assistant to help create a variety of securities transactions. To try it out start GnuCash with the –extra option, open a stock-type register, and select Actions>Stock Assistant. Please note any issues on Bug 798004.
    – Remove the hard-coded default namespaces”AMEX”, “NASDAQ”, “NYSE”, “EUREX”,
    and “FUND” from the New Security dialog. These namespaces were added to the list of existing namespaces; it was necessary to create a commodity that used one of them to make that one an actual namespace, so users who have commodities in e.g. the namespace NYSE will still see that namespace in the selection list. Reasoning: The list was necessarily incomplete and confused new users.
    – Fixed the Income Statement report table formatting so that all sections get laid out to the same width.
    – [Python Bindings]Implement some comparison and arithmetic operators for GncNumeric
    – Budgets are sensitive to readonly status Disable some budget features if book is readonly
    – Fix suppression of “cut split/transaction” warnings for the current session These were not working because they were missing from the temporary warnings settings schema. The warnings could only be dismissed permanently. Add them to the temporary warnings section of the settings schema.
    – Currencies in several locations not displayed correctly for Hebrew
    – [category-barchart] Added option to show ratios
    – [html-chart] Add format style option for numbers
    – Better wording for tax table changed info message.
    – [register] Checkbox any value other than 0x20 (ASCII space) is true.
    Because it can be X or U+2716 now and could be something else in future. Fixes in particular the disappearing tax-included and tax-table in the Invoice/Bill entry register.
    – [Python Bindings]Provide the complete set of QOF enums in gnucash
    – [Python Bindings]Provide wrapper for qof numeric predicate Python bindings already have some wrapping objects for qof predicates. This adds the one missing for GncNumeric comparisons. Additionally fixes a wrong number for QOF_NUMERIC_MATCH_ANY in example file.
    – Remove commodity-table.scm, no longer required after adjusting qif-dialog-utils
    – Preferences, Import: UPDATE AND RECONCILE should be UPDATE AND CLEAR on preference “Enable update match action” tooltip text.
    – [register] Enable horizontal scrolling with a touchpad.
    – [business]Add diagnostic messages to GncEntry and GncInvoice.
    – Replace code style guidance with reference to the wiki Coding Standard page.
    – Update Form/Schedule line references for 2021 for the US Income Tax Report
    – Update the register help label when cell read only
    – Change AR/AP Type cell to be read only. The Type cell in AR/AP registers should not be changeable from the register so make the cell read only.
    – Tip-of-the-Day, new tip: the full file path is shown in the status bar.
    – [assistant-qif-import] Prevent ambiguous mnemonic Mnemonic N clashes with GtkAssistant “Next”. Change to D which does not clash.
    – Numerous performance and code-clarity improvements.
    * New API: None
    * Deprecations: None
    * New and Updated Translations: Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional),
    Croatian, Czech, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Italian, Norwegian Bokmål, Portuguese, Portuguese (Brazil), Romanian, Slovak, Spanish, Spanish (Nicaragua), Swedish, Turkish, Ukrainian

  13. Avatar photo Updates says:

    New version available -> gnucash 1:4.9-1~xtradeb1

    * New upstream release.
    * Bugfixes based on reports:
    – Bug 797502 – (RTL) – Right edge of the reports are locked while scrolling down
    – Running gnucash in Hebrew, the right edge of the reports are locked while scrolling down and do not scroll with the rest of the report.
    – Bug 797618 – Spanish translation of Shares and Stock
    – Bug 797678 – OFX importer should supplement, not replace, existing Notes (and Description and Memo) fields
    – Add an “Append” checkbox to the bottom of the “Generic import transaction matcher” window to the left of the “Reconcile after match” checkbox. When ticked, this causes the imported Description/Notes to be appended to the matched transaction Description/Notes respectively. The selected ticked/unticked state of the “Append” checkbox is saved in a key value pair for the import account, so the next import for that account will automatically default it to the saved state. As these mods are limited to the code for the matcher window, this should work for all the imports that use it – ie ofx & csv file imports (both tested) & aqbanking (cannot test).
    – Bug 797772 – Allow reconciliation report to double filter by both posting and reconciliation date
    – Bug 798222 – Account search dialog: Pushing enter does nothing
    – Bug 798266 – Dropdown picker menu for category does not appear
    – Bug 798313 – “File/Import/Import Transactions From CSV” crashes Gnucash.
    – Bug 798320 – Error message indicating a crash of GNUcash when closing application – MacOS 10.15.7 (19H1419)
    – Bug 798325 – New Currency for Venezuela (VED)
    – Bug 798327 – Ofx import stops too early for multi-account OFX and one account has no new transactions
    – Bug 798335 – No longer possible to change trading account
    Strip trading splits only if “Use Trading Accounts” is enabled for the book so that users who want to manage trading accounts by hand may do so.
    – Bug 798341 – Right align in Hebrew – Account screen
    – Bug 798346 – crashes when running check & repair
    – Bug 798352 – Decimal Precision when Entering Mutual Fund Transaction
    – Let xaccParseAmount parse up to 12 decimal places instead of 8.
    – Bug 798382 – Typo corrections in comments
    * Fixes and improvements were not associated with bug reports:
    – More memory leak plugging and GList efficiency improvements.
    – Fix build with cmake older than 3.18 – 3.18 introduced ‘cmake -E cat’, but we still have to support versions starting from 3.14.
    – [account-piecharts] don’t use gnc:make-internal-option
    – Several improvements to the experimental IFRS cost-basis report.
    – Fix two minor issues with displaying links in the Document Link dialog.
    – Fix obsolete links to in translations.
    – L18N: Fix glossary/es.po:906: duplicate message definition…
    901: …this is the location of the first definition
    – [budget-flow] delay creating exchange-fn until a valid budget exists because it needs budget period end-date.
    – [options.scm] Addon previous commit… need to initialize with guid
    – [options.scm] gnc:make-budget-option stores guid instead of object because
    object may become stale if UI is used to delete it, leading to stale pointer and segfault. storing guid is safer, and will return null if budget is deleted.
    – Support SEPA internal transfer
    – Fix issue with failure to run reconciliation with all accounts present in a multi-account OFX file. Do that by saving a GList of statements, rather than a pointer to a single one. Also freeing of info happens during the call to process_next_file.
    – Import of OFX files with many securities opens too many matching dialogs
    Because ofx import is currently split per target account, and since each security has its own accounts, importing such OFX is a tedious process. The fix is to only split the transactions if we identify a potential transfer, currently based on amount, date and accounts. To do that, we insert transactions one by one into a list, making sure we have not already inserted one that has the same date, and the same absolute amount. If we have, we keep this potential transfer for a second phase. A naive approach would loop through added transactions for each new transaction by that ends up being O(N^2), which matters if we have many transactions. Instead, I’m using a hash to make this O(N log N).
    – [date-utilities.scm] remove unused date selectors code & string
    – Adjust GNC_DEFINE_TYPE_EXTENDED_END . To match new signature of g_once_init_enter and g_once_init_leave. glib headers should not be included with ‘extern “C”‘.
    – Add explanatory note for gnc_add_scheme_deprecated_module test code
    – [test-engine-extras] don’t create splits of opposing amt/value signs
    Splits’ value and amount should never be of opposite signs. Fix test book which had created this incorrect value/amount pair. Strengthen env-create-multisplit-transaction to disallow test book errors.
    – [trep-engine] new option “Date Filter” to specify dates to filter by
    – [dialog-sx-since-last-run] don’t allocate repeatedly to combine strings
    – [test-transaction] “Report Currency” renamed to “Report’s currency”
    – Separate the warnings for “cut split/transaction” and
    “delete split/transaction”
    – [gnc-autoclear] Move autoclear algorithm into gnome-utils
    – GSettings – fix GObject warning when old prefs-version is unset
    This will happen when current master (future 5.0) has been run at least once.
    – [utest-gnc-pricedb] add tests for gnc_price_list_equal
    – [reconcile-view][bug] dr/cr query tests amount instead of value
    Because split->amount and split->value are generally of equal sign, EXCEPT in stock transactions whereby split->value can be zero and split->amount is non-zero. e.g. a stock split transaction. Querying the split amount instead will allow stock accounts with stock splits to be reconciled.
    – [split-register-model.c] Hide price==1 for zero-amount splits mainly of interest in zero-amount zero-value splits in the stock
    register eg dividend splits.
    – [core-utils] introduce gnc:format
    – (gnc:format str [binding value]…) str will contain ${binding} which will be replaced to value.
    – [test-core-utils] uses srfi-64
    – [import-main-matcher] show destination acct for auto-match
    – GSettings – add ‘deprecate’ and ‘obsolete’ conversions for user preferences
    ‘deprecate’ is technically a noop. It serves to remind maintainers the ‘deprecated’ preference is to be obsoleted in the next major release.
    ‘obsolete’ goes one step further in that it will cause gnucash to reset the preference, effectively clearing the value stored in the preferences backend. This is the final phase of a preference. Following this it will be completely removed from the GSettings schema in the next major release.
    Notes * ‘deprecate’ and ‘migrate’ are related. Both are a reminder the preference is to be obsoleted in the next major release. ‘deprecate’ does only that though while ‘migrate’ will also trigger a copy of the old value to a new location in the database. * This commit readds a couple of preferences that had been removed in the past to be able to properly obsolete them (and to test the obsoleting code)
    * New and Updated Translations: Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Croatian, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Norwegian Bokmål, Portuguese, Portuguese (Brazil), Spanish, Ukranian.

  14. Avatar photo Updates says:

    New version available -> gnucash 1:4.8-1~xtradeb1

    * New upstream release.
    * Bugfixes not associated with bug reports:
    – [gsettings] Avoid crash from settings schema not being registered.
    – Rethink how gsettings migration file is constructed
    – GSettings hotfix – resolve crash due to bad schema reference
    – [gnc-plugin-page-register] call invoice editor with parent window
    – [assistant-stock-split] set parent window properly

  15. Avatar photo Updates says:

    New version available -> gnucash 1:4.7-1~xtradeb1

    * New upstream release.
    * Bugfixes
    – Bug 87847 – RFE: Create a ‘checkbox’ cell type
    – Bug 766052 – Job report payments wrong when payment contains splits
    – Bug 797596 – New-owner – improved representation of payments with multiple non-APAR splits
    – Bug 798142 – Tax rate appears as a fraction
    – Bug 798180 – Update to macOS Big Sur 11.3 breaks Finance Quote
    – Bug 798205 – Some transactions dropped with no apparent cause or warnings for credit card ofx import.
    Do not exclude from import a transaction that has an FITID which matches an already existing split. This is because it (1) may be a coincidence and therefore the transaction needs to be added or (2) could be on a transfer from the account being imported to another bank account which has already been imported, and so needs to be matched, not added.
    – Bug 798208 – management fee transactions are ignored on OFX import
    – Bug 798211 – Equity statement double calculates unrealized gain
    – Bug 798219 – apply/OK truncates exchange rates from 4 to 2 decimal places; enter doesn’t
    – Bug 798221 – Transfer funds between accounts with different currencies crashes Gnucash on macOS
    – Bug 798224 – Scheduled transactions are created with date-entered copied from the template transaction.
    – Bug 798229 – GncDate::c_formats is being created and destroyed twice resulting in a double free crash on every exit.
    – Bug 798234 – Cut Transaction discards the reference to the description/memo strings so that Paste Transaction will paste uninitialised data (or other strings)
    – Bug 798235 – Reconciliation Ending Balance not recalculated the 2nd and subsequent times Statement Date is updated.
    – Bug 798237 – Logging during XML file loading degrades performance significantly
    – Bug 798238 – “New security” dialog doesn’t save the “Display symbol”
    – Bug 798250 – Gnucash permanent hang on save while loading report
    – Bug 798256 – Crash in recnFinishCB
    – Bug 798298 – Re-imported transactions no longer ignored
    – Bug 798303 – account list is sorted wrong by amount
    – Bug 798312 – Opening the help for dialogues in the wrong language.
    * Bugfixes not associated with bug reports:
    – Lots of memory-leaks plugged
    – Change the preferences path to org.gnucash.GnuCash to comply with flatpak requirements and migrate existing preferences to the new paths. This won’t provide for automatic sync between a system-installed GnuCash and a flatpak one unless the system-installed one is GnuCash 4.7 or later. Please see the Wiki for more information and a procedure to convert your existing preferences.
    – Cleanup – minimal glib=2.56.1 – drop all conditionals on older versions
    – Add code to handle ofx files that include transfers between accounts
    – During transaction import, ignore splits whose account is not the destination account
    – Do not drop a potential match just because it has an online_id.
    Now that we don’t exclude from import a transaction with an FITID that matches an already existing transaction, if one accidentally re-imports a transaction, this allows it to be automatically matched against the previously imported transaction.
    – Add test for Transaction GetDate() in python bindings, pursuant to Bug 798284.
    – In find customer dialog, add a column for “Shipping Contact” parameter
    – Prep early splash screen messages for translation
    – Change text for SX preference option ‘Review created transactions’ to better align with existing SX text.
    – Fixed an XML backend problem where trying to open a locked file would clear the lock even if one didn’t ask to, so the next attempt would find the file unlocked even if still open in another instance.
    – Fix 2 crashes in Generic Transaction Matcher
    – Handle very large denominators from Finance::Quote’s OpenExchange source
    – Update file extension in man pages per mailing list post.
    – Changed some option names:
    – From “Show Accounts until level” to “Levels of Subaccounts”
    – From “Extra notes” to “Extra Notes”
    – from “Report title” to “Report Title”
    – From “Invoice number” to “Invoice Number” to ensure it matches all other invoice reports.
    – Fix missing mnemonic keys after changes to GNCAmountEdit With the changes to GNCAmountEdit, the way the mnemonic keys are associated to the entry widget of the GNCAmountEdit needs to change so have created a function gnc_amount_edit_make_mnemeonic_target which does the same as GNCDateEdit.
    – Fix rounding in Stock Split Assistant to correct earlier commit that rounded the share price to that of the currency.
    – [Portfolio Reports] Allow share digits to 9 decimal places to match the maximum commodity fraction.
    * Deprecations
    – Date options with a time of day setting.
    Removing the only use, an example in hello-world.scm. GnuCash doesn’t use this value in any of its own report options and the feature will be removed in GnuCash 5. Related to bug 798297 Pref “Use 24-hour clock” obsolete?.
    – gnc:owner-report-create
    * New and Updated Translations: Chinese (Simplified), Croatian, Finnish, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Portuguese
    (Brazil), Swedish, Ukrainian

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