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GNOME partition editor

GParted uses libparted to detect and manipulate devices and partition tables while several (optional) filesystem tools provide support for filesystems not included in libparted.

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21.04, 20.042021/07/23 21:101.3.1-1~xtradeb1

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Comments: 1

  1. Updates says:

    New version available -> gparted 1.3.1-1~xtradeb1

    * New upstream release.
    * This release of GParted includes bug fixes and language translation updates.
    * Key changes include:
    * Fix recognition of SD/MMC device names
    * Make XFS copy duplicate the file system label and UUID
    * Bug Fixes
    * Replace deprecated gtk_show_uri() method for help window (!82)
    * Fix recognition of SD/MMC device names (!83)
    * Handle change in path for udisks2-inhibit executable (!84)
    * Make XFS copy duplicate the file system label and UUID (!85)
    * Code Credits
    * Code enhancements are courtesy of Mike Fleetwood and Curtis Gedak.
    * Translations (new/updated)
    * da(Ask Hjorth Larsen), de(Wolfgang Stöggl, Philipp Kiemle),
    * es(Daniel Mustieles), fr(Claude Paroz), id(Andika Triwidada),
    * kk(Baurzhan Muftakhidinov), ko(Seong-ho Cho), pl(Piotr Drąg),
    * pt(Hugo Carvalho), pt_BR(Rafael Fontenelle, Enrico Nicoletto),
    * ro(Daniel Șerbănescu), sv(Anders Jonsson), uk(Yuri Chornoivan),
    * vi(Ngọc Quân Trần)

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