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Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory 2.60b compatible client/server

ET: Legacy is based on the source code of the Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory.

The main goal of this project is to fix bugs, remove old dependencies and make it playable on all major operating systems while still remaining compatible with the ET 2.60b version and as many of its mods as possible.

Remark: We only package the 64-bit version of ET: Legacy client. Therefore, you can only connect to servers running mods providing a 64-bit version. For further information read this: Compatible Mods .

Homepage | License: GPL

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2022/04/102.80.024121 (13)
2021/12/132.60b.096100 (3)

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  1. Avatar photo Updates says:

    New version available -> etlegacy 2.81.1-1~xtradeb1

       * New upstream release.
       * Engine
        - General
         - Updated libs to:
         - curl 7.87.0
         - SDL 2.26.4
         - Fixed issue with g_oss not being set correctly, making 64bit mods not
           being listed when using 64bit clients
         - Added web style # prefixed color strings support
        - Android
        - Raspberry PI
         - Fixed issue with wrong architecture naming
         - Fixed issue with VM_DllSyscall stack calls
        - MacOS
        - Unix
         - Fixed included SDL2 not having Wayland support
        - Windows
         - NSIS Installer will always overwrite .exe's by default
       * Client
        - General
         - Use json model data for fav servers
         - Moved listfonts command from legacy UI to client engine, since
           con_fontName can now be used on any mod, and the legacy-specific
           cg_customFont1/2 require ETL client anyway
         - Fixed sound bug (long stuttering sound) and cleared queued sounds (such as
           announcers fe. FIGHT! sound) when rewinding/fastforwarding
         - Added support for server blocking by using sent list of servers blocked
           from Legacy master and hiding malicious server in server browser
         - Removed NONUSBACKSLASH from the default console keys
         - Fixed zone memory leak on /bind command
         - Audio backend
         - Fixed sound volume integer overflow
       * Server
       * Renderer
        - Fixed decals vertex modulation going out of range
       * Mod
         - General
         - Added position and size argument to editcomponent command
         - Added editcomponent command with parentAnchorPoint and
           parentAnchorComponent option
         - Extended auto completion for editcomponent command
         - Fixed localization of server commands were gets truncated
         - Added cg_useCvarCrosshair cvar allowing forcing crosshair HUD comp at
           init, 1 by default
         - Added back cg_useCvarCrosshair, cg_crosshairSize, cg_crosshairAlpha,
           cg_crosshairColor, cg_crosshairAlphaAlt, cg_crosshairColorAlt,
           cg_crosshairPulse, cg_crosshairHealth cvars
         - Added cg_crosshairSize_f, cg_crosshairAlpha_f, cg_crosshairColor_f,
           cg_crosshairAlphaAlt_f, cg_crosshairColorAlt_f, cg_crosshairPulse_f,
           cg_crosshairHealth_f commands
         - Fixed editcomponent command with coloration arguments
         - Fixed editcomponent style help was printing an error
         - Ignored bots count when using map vote pool depending of players count
         - Allowed referee command to use slot number for identify player
         - Stability & Performance
         - Fixed missing NULL terminated in gameConsoleCommand list causing memory
         - Removed WBUTTON_ATTACK2 (+attack2) causing exploit issue
         - Fixed kick angles framerate dependency by matching 333 FPS kick angles
         - Remove unnecessary trace for water hitmark detection, causing unnecessary
           recomputation of head BBox and extra trace
         - Fixed func_fakebrush prediction
         - Fixed PMF_TIME_KNOCKBACK never being set unless head was hit.
        - Audio
         - Graphics
         - Fixed atmospheric effects during match pause
         - Fixed missile incorrect visual explosion origin
         - Fixed flamethrower being invisible if player shoots it outside of PVS
        - UI
         - Fixed issue when crosshairinfo name affected to follow previous player
           being set to non default color
         - Fixed enemy spawn timer not being displayed
         - Added anchors support to HUD
         - Added HUD name support, usable with cg_althud cvar
         - Fixed multi line string buffer HUD components centering
         - Added No Text style option to disable the Connection interrupted text from
           Disconnect component
         - Added No Header style option to hide fireteam header
         - Added Force Colors style option to force player colors on the kill feed
         - Added extended system option menu for console con_* cvars
         - Fixed chargebar icon coloring for field ops
         - Moved listfonts command from legacy UI to client engine, since
           con_fontName can now be used on any mod, and the legacy-specific
           cg_customFont1/2 require ETL client anyway.
         - Fixed timerSet breaking resetTimer display
         - Added style custimization for compass, such as decor, cardinal point and
           direction visibility toogle
        - Weapons
         - Remove adding velocity of ground entity for missiles causing execive
           velocity add while throwing
         - Added back default scoped movement to vanilla behaviour (full speed,
           unscope at 127 ups)
         - Moved alternate sniper speed to walk movement
         - Changed unscoping weapon while in air from 250 to 500 ms
  2. Avatar photo Updates says:

    New version available -> etlegacy 2.81.0-1~xtradeb1

       * New upstream release.
       * Engine
        - General
         - Added cJSON 1.7.15
         - Updated libs to: curl 7.68.0, libpng 1.6.38, SDL 2.24.1, WolfSSL 5.5.3,
           zlib 1.2.13
         - Allow loading loose ttf/otf fonts in pure mode
         - Fixed unfinished unicode encoding crashing clients
         - Added entry point for additional system calls without breaking
           compatibility with other engines (from ETe)
         - Added extension system to flash window
         - Fixed precision in patch collide generation to avoid "MAX_PATCH_PLANES"
           errors (from q3e/ETe)
         - Fixed net_port range by restricting it to RFC 793 specification
         - Fixed Splash Screen as work around for SDL_GetWindowSurface not working
         - Don't allow writeconfig to write configs called default.cfg,
           default_left.cfg or default_android.cfg
         - Added platforms manifest to the generated mod pk3
         - Added support for JSON file parsing / writing
         - Added fs_printOpen command to dump a list of all open files
         - Allowed omitting default values from being written with writeconfig by
           specifying -nd or -no-defaults option
         - Fixed IPV6
        - Android
         - Architecture armeabi-v7a is now completely removed thus old devices with
           this architecture will not be supported from now on
         - Fixed issue with cutoff camera, app not being able to fill entire screen
        - Raspberry PI
         - Change architecture from armv7 to aarch64 and as from now we only support
           only this one
         - Added building of the packgages/installers into our GitHub pipeline
        - MacOS
         - Fixes VM entry point for M1 processors by changing entry point from
           variadic to fixed parameters due to architecture differences
        - Windows
         - Added x64 support
         - Added message about how fix issue with game not being abble to create
           directories at freshly installed game (etc ...) due to Windows Security
           has Controlled folder access enabled
       * Client
        - General
         - Added cl_extrapolationMargin with a default value of 1 and allowed range
           0 to 10 to reduce the client latency due to incorrect serverTime values
           caused by automatic adjustments to serverTimeDelta on the client
         - Fixed escape key not sending a char event which avoid closing UI menu
         - Fixed console char set scaling when r_scale is used. (Only for vanilla
           renderer since it's the only one with r_scale anyway).
         - Added cgame_restart commands for development purpose
         - Added command completion support for cgame command
         - Added the ISO keyboards nonUSBackslash key to the default console keys
           (for mac user)
         - Made sure we only copy over the vanilla data from the glconfig struct
         - Scaled ui mouse movement to match the window manager mouse movement
         - Fixed [skipnotify] text on console print
         - Added support for ttf ingame console fonts
         - Added a new default console font (JetBrainsMono-SemiBold) and an icon
           font for the custom ET font icons
        - Audio backend
         - Fixed SDL2 sounds were played at incorrect range distance, which lead to
           heard sound closer or farther than expected.
         - Fixed OpenAl incorrect ambient and entity sounds volume
         - Fixed s_volume and s_alGain were not affecting volume on OpenAl
        - Server
         - Fixed sv_ipMaxClients cvar incorrectly limiting the total amount of
           clients allowed on server instead of max clients per IP
         - Added sv_serverTimeReset cvar for resetting svs.time on map change to
           avoid various issues related to high server uptime
         - Fixed a typo in an error message printed when client fails a www download
         - Added sv_userInfoFloodProtect cvar to protect against userinfo flooding,
           so sv_floodProtect can be off and server can still be protected against
           user info flooding.
         - Blocked connection from IP with engine temp bans (exclude ports to fix
           issue with clients changing net_port and reconnecting after a kick,
           circumventing temp ban)
         - Added 2 digits for attacklog timestamps instead of 1
         - Added sv_protectLogInterval to control time in milliseconds between
           attack log entires (default 1000). Helps at keeping attack logs at
           reasonable sizes so they don't get spammed 100+ lines per second when
           someone runs server scanning
        - Renderer
         - Fixed wrong decal projectors being culled
       * Mod
        - General
         - Added HUD editor in-game allowing player to fully customize HUD
           components (more info Customize HUD)
         - Added editcomponent command allowing HUD customization with commands
           (more info Customize HUD)
         - Fixed collision issues with prone causing players to get stuck on walls
           and being able to go through certain thin walls
         - Adjusted prone head collision box size to match head size to smooth out
           crawling on uneven surfaces
         - Fixed prone rotation being severely limited while proning on non-axial
         - Extended g_pronedelay cvar with value 2 - clients can't prone for 850ms
           after jumping
          - The cvar now acts as a bitmask value, so you can combine values 1 and 2
         - Fixed various graphical and camera bugs when rewinding demos
         - Fixed head bbox having no collision when lean key was released, allowing
           it to clip through solids and use +activate in some scenarios
         - Separated handling for class command on server side so we can have team
           command flood protected, but allow class commands to bypass flood
         - Fixed dead players capturing flag
         - Fixed ref command not working on dedicated server
         - Changed map vote to 1 points for each vote in game type 6 GT_WOLF_MAPVOTE
         - Fixed weapon charge getting reduced when underwater where weapon doesn't
         - Added window flashing on game init and match starting
         - Fixed g_corpses value to act as a boolean as it was initializing the body
           queue but not put any corpses to it by setting it to negative value
         - Added option to visualize spawnpoints in the map with cg_drawSpawnpoints.
           Displays major spawnpoint name & number, and individual spawnpoints where
           players spawn
         - Added func_fakebrush drawing with railbox when debugging by setting
           g_debugHitboxes func_fakebrush
         - Swapped the check for PW_INVULNERABLE to be on the victim (the client
           getting shoved) rather than on the player doing the shove
         - Moved to JSON format following files :
          - weapon stats
          - huds
          - mapvoteinfo
         - Removed cvar list after HUD rework : cg_althudflags, cg_chatalpha,
           cg_chatBackgroundAlpha, cg_chatflags, cg_chatLineWidth, cg_chatScale,
           cg_chatShadow, cg_chatY, cg_chatX, cg_complaintPopUp ,
           cg_crosshairAlphaAlt, cg_crosshairColorAlt , cg_crosshairAlpha,
           cg_crosshairColor, cg_crosshairHealth, cg_crosshairPulse,
           cg_crosshairSize, cg_crosshairX, cg_crosshairY, cg_cursorHints,
           cg_descriptiveText, cg_drawBuddies, cg_drawCompass, cg_drawCompassIcons,
           cg_drawCrosshairInfo, cg_drawCrosshairNames, cg_drawFireteamOverlay,
           cg_drawFPS, cg_drawPing, cg_drawReinforcementTime, cg_drawRoundTimer,
           cg_drawSnapshot, cg_drawSmallPopupIcons, cg_drawSpreadScale,
           cg_drawspeed, cg_drawTime, cg_drawWeaponIconFlash , cg_fireteamAlpha,
           cg_fireteamBgAlpha, cg_fireteamlatchedclass, cg_fireteamLocationAlign,
           cg_fontScaleCN, cg_fontScaleCP, cg_fontScaleTP, cg_graphicObituaries,
           cg_healthDynamicColor, cg_lagometer, cg_popupBigFilter, cg_popupFilter,
           cg_popupShadow, cg_shoutcastDrawMinimap
         - Fixed scores command showing followed players xp counts in stopwatch game
         - Added missing commands to gamecommand list
         - Added player shove events in server log Shove:  
        - Stability & Performance
         - Fixed a bug in antiwarp code that caused players to warp when they had no
           user input but still had velocity
         - Bots are no longer antiwarped
         - Fixed incorrect shader count for blacksmokeanimb causing error upon
           shader registering
         - Fixed game pause behaviour wasn't consistent on various game elements
         - Reduced LAG_MAX_DELTA from 75 to 25 to smooth out lagging players
         - Fixed stamina prediction
         - Fixed STAT_ANTIWARP_DELAY causing full predictions to run when it's just
           display information.
         - Fixed STAT_AIRLEFT prediction
         - Fixed grenadeTimeLeft firing prediction
         - Fixed bobcycle not being in sync between client/server in some cases
           which causes client to miss predict footsteps.
         - Fixed crashland prediction (event EV_FALL*)
         - Fixed artillery prediction (weaponTime and event)
         - Fixed nofatigue prediction
         - Fixed viewheight calculation for other leaning players, which caused
           leaning to be invisible to others depending on your location in the map
         - Fixed time played being counted during pause
         - Fixed free fireteams initialization producing runtime errors
         - Fixed rotation of smoke particles framerate dependency
         - Fixed potential crash in trigger_multiple activation
         - Fixed pmove_fixed 1 with g_antiwarp 1 and cg_optimizePrediction 1
        - Audio
         - Fixed missing hitsound when players reach lower health than
           FORCE_LIMBO_HEALTH without getting gibbed, causing the next hit that will
           gib them to not play the hitsound
        - Graphics
         - Fixed incorrect timings for voice chat sprites staying twice as long as
         - Medic and ammo request voice chat sprites are now cleared when client
           spawns/is revived (medic sprite only)
         - Changed cg_shadows cvar default value from 1 to 0 and changed Normal
           graphics preset to have shadows disabled, due to unreasonable performance
           penalty they cause compared to the visual improvement
         - Fixed voice chat icons were not drawn if a player had cg_voiceChats 0
         - Added back granular bobbing control
         - Changed cg_bobbing cvar from 1 to 0
         - Allowed changing cg_swingSpeed when cheats are disabled from range 0.1 to
        - UI
         - Minimap icons in cg_drawCompass 2 are now positioned along the edges of
           the map following the same viewangle-based logic as regular compass
         - Fixed incorrect levelshot in mapvote menu displaying for maps which
           client hadn't downloaded
         - Fixed preset_high_ui.cfg automatically executing when entering system
           settings menu
         - +stats display in Stopwatch mode after 2nd round now shows stats from the
           match all they way up until a new game is started
         - Fixed drawing of several cursorhints, eliminating unwanted lines due to
           the texture not being aligned properly
         - Increased (doubled) UI memory pool size for x64 architecture, fixing
           cases where UI would run out of memory on x64 but run fine on x86 due to
           different pointer sizes
         - Added cg_customFont1/2 cvars to change fonts
         - Added listfonts command to list available fonts, which includes
           "documentation" on usage
         - Allowed executing regular binds from UI by holding down left/right shift
         - Fixed env awareness and compass showing enemy item objective
         - Changed bitmask values for cg_drawCompassIcons and cg_drawEnvAwareness
          - 0 disabled
          - 1 item flags objectives
          - 2 Secondary objectives
          - 4 Primary objectives
         - Fixed crosshairnames showing at the place where respawning teammate died
         - Fixed limbopanel roll animation
         - Changed map vote selection in debriefing with game type 6 GT_WOLF_MAPVOTE
           by using
          - Checbox side by side with map name
          - Selecting map and click one more time to toggle the map vote
         - Changed voice chat icon for Fire In The Hole from blue color to orange
         - Fixed team chat flag wasn't drawing correct team
         - Added fall down icon for MOD_FALLING obituary
         - Improved text readability by scaling text shadow/outline based off text
         - Added shadowed text for demo list
         - Prevent unwanted script execution binding by pressing shift key alone
           (K_LSHIFT and K_RSHIFT) from UI menu
         - Limit the bindings that are allowed to be executed from UI menu and do
           not allow +/- actions or vstr that can contain those
         - Removed ui_browserOssFilter cvar
         - Added ui_disableOssFilter cvar for filtering server list depending of
           supported mod by OS
         - Added center print text for letting know medic who they just revived
         - Enhanced map vote windows on map vote game type by adding map popularity
           and history of last 333 played maps
         - Changed vote points from map vote game type from 1, 2, 3 points to a
           unique 1 point per vote.
         - Added semitransparent color for fireteam weapon that is not updated
         - Added red font to teamkill cp message to easily identify it and avoid
           abusing it by changing player color
        - Weapons
         - Fixed zoom level for FG42 changing to incorrect value when trying to zoom
         - Increased maximum zoom out level for scoped K43/Garand and binoculars
           from 20 to 32
         - cg_zoomDefaultSniper cvar is now capped within this range (32-4)
         - Knife backstabs now ignore both target and attacker view pitch, which
           previously caused backstabs to fail if the target was looking up/down too
         - Fixed flamethrower flame animation not showing if the animation started
           in solid
         - Increased FG42 scoped recoil pitch
         - Fixed alt weapon switch bug/exploit by not allowing switch till we have
           switched to selected weapon
         - Fixed selected weapon at spawn/respawn
         - Fixed explosion hit registration being inconsistent by sorting players
           depending of distance from the explosion origin in ascending order
         - Fixed corpses blocking flamethrower hit registration
         - Fixed allies riflenade impact sound volume (from 64 to 127) & radius
           (from 1.5 to 64)
         - Fixed calling artillery was playing gun shot sound in some cases
         - Fixed pliers hint and usage priority near TOI
         - Fixed arty/airstrike bombs potentially spawning indoors
         - Fixed missile collision issues with skyboxes
         - Fixed (reduced) charge time when dropping grenades on death
         - Reduced speed from 127 to 80 (crouch speed) while player use scoped
           weapon and standing
         - Added back unscoping weapon while in air more than 250 ms, allowing
           player to walk on slope and stair without getting unscoped
  3. Avatar photo Updates says:

    New version available -> etlegacy 2.80.2-1~xtradeb1

    * New upstream release.
    * Engine
    – Improved VM_Create errors so average user might have some idea on what’s actually wrong
    – Fixed certificate download issued upon game start was crashing the game
    – Fixed etconfig from overwriting init cvars
    * Client
    * General
    – Added con_defaultHeight cvar for default console height by normalized percentage of the screen (0 to 1)
    – Added seeking in console word by word by holding down CTRL and using arrow keys
    * Renderer
    – Fixed renderer loading on Wayland (due to a bug in upstream of GLEW)
    – Increased r_displayRefresh cvar range from 240 to 480 for 360Hz and 480Hz monitors
    – Changed r_swapInterval cvar to be latched as it requires vid_restart
    * Mod
    * General
    – Disallowed shoving by holding down +activate key
    – Added toggleRecord command for in-game demo recording toggle binding
    – Removed shoutcastmenu console command (no longer needed). Pressing only F1-F12 keys will be enough to issue a follow command during shoutcast.
    * Stability & Performance
    – Changed handling of player events in client game to ensure predicted events aren’t played twice
    * Audio
    – Fixed vsays not working on Steam 2.60b client
    * Graphics
    – Added cg_drawBreathPuffs cvar for toggling breath puffs effect
    * UI
    – Enhanced profile creation menus (various bug fixes and performance improvements)
    – Changed from white to yellow the bots ping column in scoreboard
    – Fixed long names overlapping in Roll of Honor and stats from debriefing screen
    – Fixed incorrect warning when starting a dedicated server via Host Game menu

  4. Avatar photo Updates says:

    New version available -> etlegacy 2.80.1-1~xtradeb1

    * New upstream release.
    * Engine
    * General
    – Changed in_mouse cvar to be latched
    – Added CVAR_NODEFAULT and CVAR_ARCHIVE_ND flag. Cvar will not be written to config files when they match the default value and are marked for archive
    * Client
    * General
    – Restored vanilla activatelean behavior for consistency with 2.60b client with mods which do not implement a toggle.
    * Audio backend
    – Replaced s_mixPreStep by s_mixOffset cvar and set value to 0 for improved audio latency
    – Added s_sdlLevelSamps cvar to improved audio latency depending of hardware capability
    * Mod
    * General
    – Adjusted cg_debugPlayerHitboxes to reflect what server actually does too
    – Added cg_debugBullets which draws trail of the shot
    * Stability & Performance
    – Fixed pause at certain sv_fps causing visual bug with time
    – Fixed screen shake framerate dependency. The higher fps, the bigger screen shake – forcing screen shake to old 125fps like behaviour
    – Fixed forced prediction error that possibly causes unnecessary commands re-runs which can be CPU intensive
    * Graphics
    – Fixed zoom in third person
    * UI
    – Fixed new voicechat sprites drawing through walls
    – Added sprint/breath/weapon charge HUD text components (available in custom HUD)
    – Fixed multilines tooltip height
    – Fixed tooltip parser ui_ prefix logic to display them correctly
    – Added cg_healthDynamicColor cvar for dynamic health text coloring
    – Added compass icon scaling based on distance between players :
    – cg_dynamicIcons dynamic player icon scaling on/off (default off)
    – cg_dynamicIconsDistance distance between players when scaling down starts
    – cg_dynamicIconsSize player icon size. command map defaults: compass 5, minimap/sc 20
    – cg_dynamicIconsMaxScale max scale
    – cg_dynamicIconsMinScale min scale
    * Weapons
    – Fixed airstrike first impact was delayed by 750ms (comparing to vanilla)

  5. Avatar photo Updates says:

    New version available -> etlegacy 2.80.0-1~xtradeb1

    * New upstream release.
    * Engine
    * Updated libs to
    * SDL 2.0.20
    * General
    * Fixed infinite loop in filesystem initalization when pak0.pk3 was missing
    * Changed default URI from ET:// (upper case) to et:// (lower case) and made case insensitive for compatibility / flexibility
    * MacOS
    * Fixed omnibot loading
    * Client
    * General
    * Removed cl_activateLean cvar (moved behaviour to mod (cg_activateLean))
    * SDL2 Audio backend
    * Fixed double played sound in one frame increasing sound (i.e mg42)
    * Mod
    * General
    * Fixed players not set unready after swapping teams
    * Fixed wait map-script command not matching the correct time on higher sv_fps (comparing to sv_fps 20), which affected and broke certain gameplay elements
    * Updated game command list and related help in console
    * Fixed accuracy calculation for splashdamage weapons
    * Fixed dropping objective was allowed during pause
    * Added cg_activateLean, allowing all clients activate lean usage
    * Added g_shoveNoZ to allow disabling Z shove completely
    * Added binds for shifting enemy spawn timer and requesting artillery
    * Changed the way for displaying help command by swapping arguments order (Before: ?) (After: ? )
    * Stability & Performance
    * Fixed hitsounds reduced network performance and sometimes get duplicated, especially with high pings
    * Added commands flood protection (g_floodProtection / g_floodLimit / g_floodWait cvars)
    * Changed unprotect flood for team cmd so class cmd doesn’t get dropped
    * Fixed prediction error by changing cg_errorDecay flag with CVAR_CHEAT
    * Audio
    * Fixed missing hitsound when player has exactly FORCE_LIMBO_HEALTH health (-113 HP)
    * Graphics
    * Fixed players breath puffs effect missing completely
    * Fixed pause weapon animation in 1st person during pause
    * Fixed viewmodel FOV calculation wasn’t lowering enough 1st person weapon draw on FOV > 90
    * Remove g_altSuicideAnim and default to the normal death anim on player suiciding
    * Fixed a crash with cg_drawgun 2 and cg_weapanims 0 combination
    * Added voice chat icons for :
    * Affirmative / Negative
    * Hold your fire
    * Say player class
    * UI
    * Fixed disconnect icon rendering through walls
    * Added hud componement scale and color configurability from hud file
    * Fixed fireteam highlight overlay spacing on top edge
    * Fixed * characters in map description were not replaced by line feed
    * Added cg_popupTime and cg_numPopups cvar to control popups more thoroughly
    * Added sharetimer/sharetimer_buddy commands and cg_sharetimerText cvar share the spawntimer you have set for when you think the enemy spawns
    * Removed grid drawing on compass
    * Added cg_fireteamBgAlpha cvar to control fireteam background alpha value
    * Added cvar name tooltip in option menus
    * Added missile camera for practice
    * Enhanced squared compass
    * Fixed icon scaling to match regular compass
    * Fixed slightly incorrect out of bounds check for icons
    * Icons are now drawn when they’re inside the map and respect map zoom
    * Added indicators for N, S, E, W
    * Weapons
    * Increased landmine splash radius by 25 (225 -> 250) to match etpro
    * Fixed picking up rifle with full riflenade ammo was restoring 4 riflenade instead of 5
    * Fixed throwable missiles (i.e: grenade, satchel, dynamite, landmine) infinite bouncing
    * Removed hardcoded sensitivity on mounted mg’s and use common sensitivity
    * Added cg_scopedSensitivityScaler to scale sensitivity when scoped

  6. Avatar photo Updates says:

    New version available -> etlegacy 2.79.0-1~xtradeb1

    * New upstream release.
    * Engine
    * Added cvar_trim command
    * Fixed Q_ColorizeString overflowing
    * Client
    * Fixed directional sound issue with SDL2 backend
    * Server
    * Enhanced server demo record
    * Removed server side GUID check (moved to mod side)
    * Renderer
    * Fixed bit shifting bug causing a black map
    * Fixed screenshot filaname with duplicate extension
    * Fixed screenshot command wasn’t using correct format
    * Mod
    * Fixed knockback for dead framerate independent
    * Added reset stats and stop recording on map restart / match reset
    * Changed cg_skybox from CVAR_CHEAT to CVAR_ARCHIVE
    * Fixed missing map_restart reset when loading config
    * Fixed dynamite/landmines/satchel hitbox for pliers (missing link entity)
    * Added g_guidCheck for mod side GUID check
    * Fixed wounded players collision issues
    * Fixed losing keyboard and mouse input after intermission
    * Allowed shoutcasters to use setviewpos
    * Added cg_popupShadow
    * Fixed client crash when dynamite explodes
    * Fixed vote timeout logic
    * Fixed client crash due to name length
    * Added automatic vertical scrolling
    * Added map description on map vote debriefing page
    * Fixed ‘Details’ map description in ‘Host Hame’ menu exceeds its box
    * Fixed spread bar not draw while firing with scoped weapon
    * Added custom map location editor
    * Added prone animation transitions through crouching
    * Added cancel start match vote if countdown starts
    * Removed g_playerHitBoxHeight
    * Fixed losing mouse input after intermission on demo playback
    * Added selection of minor spawnpoint per major spawnpoint
    * Fixed constructions decaying after pause
    * Fixed gib stats from explosions when player was still alive
    * Allowed moving when using scoped weapon but cap speed to walking 128u speed
    * Increased FG 42 scoped fire rate from 400ms to 200ms
    * Decreased scoped Garand/K43 spread scale from 10 to 5 (half the spread recovery time)

  7. Avatar photo Updates says:

    New version available -> etlegacy-et-pk3 2.60b.0-1~xtradeb2

    * Initial release.

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