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Engine for several graphical adventure games

ScummVM is a ‘virtual machine’ for several classic graphical point-and-click adventure games. You can find the full list of compatible games here. The game data of four games compatible with ScummVM is included in Debian. These are:

  • Beneath a Steel Sky (package: beneath-a-steel-sky)
  • Drascula: The Vampire Strikes Back (package: drascula)
  • Flight of the Amazon Queen (package: flight-of-the-amazon-queen)
  • Lure of the Temptress (package: lure-of-the-temptress)

To make use of ScummVM, you’ll have to install one of these, or obtain the proprietary game data for another supported game.

Homepage | License: GPL

Ubuntu versionsUpdated onVersion
StatsDownloads: current / overall (XtraDeb releases)
20.042022/01/04 23:262.5.1-1~xtradeb1
22.04, 22.101970/01/01 00:002.6.1+dfsg-1~xtradeb2
22.042022/08/16 12:382.6.0-1~xtradeb1
20.042021/10/10 14:582.5.0-1~xtradeb1

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  1. Updates says:

    New version available -> scummvm 2.6.1+dfsg-1~xtradeb2

       * New upstream release.
       * General:
        - Various improvements to the icon-based grid view in the ScummVM launcher.
        - Fixed possible graphics corruptions when using the OpenGL renderer.
       * AGS:
        - Fixed a crash in AGDI's KQ1 remake (and some other games), on big-endian
       * AGOS:
        - Fixed various bugs that lead to crashes in the demo versions of The Feeble
          and Personal Nightmare and in the full version of Waxworks.
        - Fixed pirate dialogue freeze in Simon the Sorcerer 2.
       * Asylum:
        - Fixed the Keyboard Config screen.
        - Added support for the keymapper feature to the dialog screen.
        - The in-game menu is now accessible via a keyboard shortcut.
        - Fixed a bug that caused the controls to be reset when leaving the Hive
        - Fixed animation of floating bodies in Chapter 4.
       * Ultima:
        - Fixed rendering issue when moving the minimap off the screen.
        - Fixed possible crash when using the autosave function.
       * SCI:
        - Fixed various bugs and script issues in KQ4, KQ5, LB2, LONGBOW, PQ1, PQ3,
          QFG4 and SQ5.
        - Numerous improvements to various parts of the engine code.
       * SCUMM:
        - Fixed potential lockups in games using iMuse.
        - Prevented crashes caused by missing .SOU/.BUN files.
        - Fixed crashes in v7-v8 games on strict-alignment platforms.
        - Fixed speech lipsync for COMI on big-endian ports (such as PS3 or Wii).
       * Tinsel:
        - Fixed an issue in Discworld that prevented some items from being placed in
          the inventory.
       * Toltecs:
        - Fixed crashes on some strict-alignment platforms.
       * Toon:
        - Fixed music and SFX being muted by default when adding the Toonstruck game.
       * Android port:
        - Properly convert mouse coordinates between screen coordinates and virtual
       * Windows port:
        - Clearing the icons cache created a duplicate ScummVM folder in the APPDATA
          directory. Fixed.
  2. Updates says:

    New version available -> scummvm 2.6.0-1~xtradeb1

    * New upstream release.
    * New games:
    – Added support for Sanitarium.
    – Added support for Hades Challenge.
    – Added support for Marvel Comics Spider-Man: The Sinister Six.
    – Added support for The 11th Hour.
    – Added support for Clandestiny.
    – Added support for Tender Loving Care (CD-ROM Editions).
    – Added support for Uncle Henry’s Playhouse.
    – Added support for Wetlands.
    – Added support for Chewy: Esc from F5.
    * General:
    – The project license has been upgraded to GPLv3+.
    – Now ScummVM requires C++11 for building.
    – Removed support for VS2008, as it doesn’t support C++11.
    – Implemented enhanced filtering in the Search box. See “Understanding the search box” in the documentation for details.
    – Implemented Icon view in GUI (GSoC task).
    – Added support for the RetroWave OPL3 sound card.
    – Added OpenDingux beta port.
    – Removed Symbian port.
    – Added the create_engine tool to aid when creating new engines.
    – Fixed mouse capture in HiDPI mode.
    – The GUI Options dialog now marks settings overridden via command lines in red.
    – In GUI launcher it is now possible to group games by different categories.
    – GUI launcher has new game icons grid look.
    * AGI:
    – Added support for Macintosh versions of Manhunter 1-2.
    * AGS:
    – Synced changes from upstream AGS.
    * AGOS:
    – Elvira 1: Added support for Casio MT-540/CT-460/CSM-1 and CMS/GameBlaster.
    – Elvira 1 & 2, Waxworks, Simon the Sorcerer: Added AdLib OPL3 mode. Depending on the game, this will prevent cut-off notes, add extra notes or instruments and/or add stereo.
    – Elvira 2, Waxworks: Added support for AdLib and MT-32 sound effects.
    – Elvira 2, Waxworks, Simon the Sorcerer floppy: Added Mixed MIDI support (MT-32 music with AdLib sound effects).
    – Simon the Sorcerer floppy: Improved AdLib sound effects accuracy.
    – Simon the Sorcerer: DOS version music tempos are now accurate. Both DOS and Windows versions now offer the choice of the DOS music tempos or the faster Windows tempos.
    – Simon the Sorcerer 2: Improved AdLib and GM support.
    – Simon the Sorcerer 2: Added workaround for the missing MT-32 tracks in the intro.
    * BBVS:
    – Fixed the size of the main menu buttons being incorrect in some cases.
    – Fixed crash at the end of the Hock-A-Loogie mini game.
    * Buried:
    – Added support for skipping synchronous audio and video.
    – The mouse pointer is now hidden during cutscenes.
    – Implemented game pausing via Control-P.
    – After saving, the player returns back to the game instead of the Biochip menu.
    – The game is now always paused when the Biochip menu or the save/restore dialogs are open.
    – Added metadata to saved games, including thumbnails, creation date and play time.
    – Saved games are now sorted by slot, like in other engines, instead of being sorted alphabetically.
    – The currently selected item is now stored in saved games.
    – Comments from Arthur that play in the background can now be stopped with the space key (the same key that replays Arthur’s last comment).
    – The agent evaluation (current points) can now be shown with Control-D.
    – Fixed global flag corruption in death screens.
    * Dreamweb:
    – Added text to speech for dialogs and object descriptions.
    * Glk:
    – Added support for ZX Spectrum games with graphics in the Scott sub-engine.
    * Kyra:
    – Added support for the Traditional Chinese versions of Legend of Kyrandia 1 – 3.
    – Added sound support for the Macintosh version of Legend of Kyrandia.
    – Added support for playing the Macintosh non-talkie version of Legend of Kyrandia 1 directly from the files on the CD. This means you no longer have to run the installer to extract the data files.
    * NGI:
    – Fixed the rolling bridge state in scene 13.
    – Fixed getting stuck when teleporting to the foot in scene 30.
    – Fixed inconsistent cactus state.
    * Private:
    – Refactored code to allow rendering using the original 256 color palette.
    – Fixed endianness issues.
    – Added support for the Korean release.
    * Supernova:
    – Added text to speech for dialogs and object descriptions.
    * SCI:
    – Added support for Text To Speech in SCI floppy games.
    – Allow saving from the ScummVM Global Game Menu in the following games:
    – Fixed many script bugs in KQ6, KQ7, GK2, QFG3, QFG4, Hoyle4.
    – Fixed loading autosaves in Shivers and Phantasmagoria 2.
    – Added support for Korean fan translations from the scummkor project: EcoQuest 2 and Gabriel Knight 2.
    * SCUMM:
    – New Digital iMUSE engine. Support for re-compressed audio files dropped in Full Throttle, The Dig and The Curse of Monkey Island.
    – Rewrote music player for Amiga versions of Indy3 and Loom in accordance to the original code.
    – Fix missing cursor in the 16-color Macintosh versions of Loom and Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade after loading a savegame.
    – It is now possible to replace the music in the floppy versions of Loom with audio tracks. The ScummVM Wiki has a list of which parts of the Swan Lake ballet the game uses: <>.
    – Fixed some MIDI music looping when it shouldn’t in EGA/VGA floppy versions of The Secret of Monkey Island.
    – Fixed the lava flowing in the wrong direction in the VGA floppy version of The Secret of Monkey Island.
    – Fixed Full Throttle distorted graphics when Ben runs past the Corley Motors entrance.
    – Fixed the dissolve effect, and Bobbin’s palette when leaving the darkened tent in the TurboGrafx-16 version of Loom, to match the original behavior.
    – Fixed incorrect dark rooms colors in MM NES on strict-alignment ports such as Dreamcast, Apple silicon and various handheld devices.
    – Rewrote text rendering routines for Full Throttle, The Dig and The Curse of Monkey Island in accordance to the original interpreters.
    – Rewrote timer handling routines to better approximate both the original hardware behavior and the intepreters’ quirks.
    – Fix lip syncing in Backyard Baseball 2003.
    – Fixed various original game bugs and oversights in most of the LucasArts titles: <>.
    Most of these enhancements can now be disabled in the game’s settings if one prefers playing with the original behavior.
    – Added sliders for tweaking the CD audio playback in the MI1 CD intro, as well as VGA CD Loom in general. Loom is particularly sensitive to the amount of silence at the start of the track, and the CD version of MI1 never synced the music as well to the intro as previous versions. See the Wiki for more details.
    – Detect and reject the EGA floppy version of Monkey Island 1 that Limited Run Games sold in their Monkey Island 30th Anniversary Anthology, if using the default DISK4 image, which is corrupted. It’s possible to recover a working image from the KryoFlux dumps they also provided.
    – Fixed random number generation which fixes throwing in Backyard Baseball.
    – Marked a workaround in Monkey Island 2 (FM-Towns version) as an enhancement; this workaround originally restored a portion of the map chasing puzzle in Booty Island which had been cut in the FM-Towns version of the game.
    – Made the sentence line in Maniac Mansion work like the manual says, i.e. you can click on it to execute the command.
    * Sherlock:
    – Fixed slowdown in Serrated Scalpel intro when playing the game from a small installation.
    – Fixed UI glitches in Serrated Scalpel.
    * Titanic:
    – Fixed not being able to see House in Starfield puzzle.
    * TwinE:
    – Fixed a bug in the collision code that made the game unfinishable due to the tank not moving any further in scene 63.
    – Fixed light angle calculation which produced rendering artifacts in a few scenes.
    – Fixed polygon rendering method for the boat windows.
    – Fixed wrong shooting direction for some actors.
    – Fixed door movement in some situations.
    * Android port:
    – Added hardware acceleration for 3D graphics.
    – Improved touch controls.
    * macOS port:
    – Added support for displaying OSD messages on the Touch Bar.
    * Windows port:
    – Added “Portable Mode” in which the executable’s directory is used to store application files if a scummvm.ini file is present, instead of the user’s profile directory.
    – Fixed detection of the Application Data path on Windows 95/98/ME.
    * RISC OS port:
    – Added support for dynamic plugins.
    – Added a native MIDI driver.
    * Nintendo DS port:
    – Fixed screen scrolling when using the Load and Save dialogs.

  3. Updates says:

    New version available -> scummvm-tools 2.6.0-1~xtradeb1

    * New upstream release.
    – The project license has been upgraded to GPLv3+.
    – Added a tool to extract Sanitarium resource packs.
    – Removed support for compressing BUN files.
    – Added Grim engine tools.

  4. Updates says:

    New version available -> scummvm 2.5.1-1~xtradeb1

    * New upstream release.
    * General:
    – Ported ResidualVM GUI theme to remastered version.
    – Fixed edge case for Punycode.
    – Fixed checking for savegame overwrite in autosave slot.
    – Fixed moving savegame to new slot for most engines.
    – Scalers are now supported with the OpenGL graphics mode.
    * AGOS:
    – Fixed old Waxworks AdLib music regression.
    * AGS:
    – Detection list updates.
    * Grim:
    – Fixed default “Talk Speed” option value.
    – Fixed black screen while entering save game name.
    – OpenGL without shaders is preferred as default for Grim Fandango.
    * Kyra:
    – Fixed graphical glitch in Legend of Kyrandia 3.
    * SAGA:
    – Fixed digitized music not looping in Inherit the Earth.
    * SCUMM:
    – Improved support for the high-resolution text in the 16-color Macintosh versions of Loom and Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.
    – Improved OPL3 sound emulation for Sam&Max.
    – Fixed music not looping in The Dig.
    – Fixed crash when loading savegames from Humongous Entertainment games.
    * Sherlock:
    – Fixed crash using matches on lab table.
    – Fixed character animation in Rose Tattoo.
    – Fixed glitch opening map in Rose Tattoo.
    – Fixed bell pull and fog horn sounds in Serrated Scalpel.
    – Fixed inventory not updating in Serrated Scalpel after examining watch.
    – Fixed fog overlay at Cleopatra’s Needle in Rose Tattoo.
    – Fixed graphic issues in Serrated Scalpel looking at items whilst inventory is open.
    – Made Serrated Scalpel darts closer in speed to the original.
    – Fixed crash when moving cursor past end of string in Rose Tattoo save dialog.
    – Process pending key presses in the order they were made, not the most recent first.
    – Fixed crash when using Delete key in Rose Tattoo save dialog.
    – Fixed rare conversation bug in Serrated Scalpel that would happen when Lord Brumwell started talking to you while the inventory window was open.
    – Resume animations in Serrated Scalpel after conversations. This fixes the bug where Jock Mahoney or Nobby Charleton would get stuck indefinitely, refusing to talk to you.
    – Fixed various user interface glitches in both games.
    * Stark:
    – Added OpenGL renderer (without shaders).
    – Added TinyGL renderer.
    – Fixed autosave handling.
    * TwinE:
    – Numerous bugfixes and stability improvements.
    * Xeen:
    – Fixed crash on startup loading constants from xeen.ccs.
    – Fixed spell selection aborting when characters were switched.
    – Fixed some bad memory accesses.
    – Various sound fixes.
    – Fixed the monster item drop probabilities.

  5. Updates says:

    New version available -> scummvm-tools 2.5.0-1~xtradeb1impish1

    * Rebuild for Impish

  6. Updates says:

    New version available -> scummvm 2.5.0-1~xtradeb1

    * New upstream release. Twenty years ago today…
    – New games:
    – Added support for Grim Fandango.
    – Added support for The Longest Journey.
    – Added support for Myst 3: Exile.
    – Added support for Little Big Adventure.
    – Added support for Red Comrades 1: Save the Galaxy.
    – Added support for Red Comrades 2: For the Great Justice.
    – Added support for Transylvania.
    – Added support for Crimson Crown.
    – Added support for OO-Topos.
    – Added support for Glulx interactive fiction games.
    – Added support for Lure of the Temptress Konami release.
    – Added support for Private Eye.
    – Added support for Spanish Blue Force.
    – Added support for Spanish Ringworld.
    – Added support for Spanish Amazon: Guardians of Eden.
    – Added support for AGS Games versions 2.5+.
    – Added support for Nightlong: Union City Conspiracy.
    – Added support for The Journeyman Project 2: Buried in Time.
    – Added support for Crusader: No Remorse.
    – Added support for L-ZONE.
    – Added support for Spaceship Warlock.
    – New ports:
    – The Nintendo DS port got a major rewrite.
    – General:
    – Switched ScummVM GUI output to UTF-32.
    – Updated the Roland MT-32 emulation code to the Munt project’s mt32emu 2.5.1.
    – Updated Dropbox Cloud Storage to use the new Dropbox OAuth workflow.
    – Major extension to the number of supported graphics scalers.
    – Display path to scummvm configuration file in GUI -> Options -> Paths.
    – Added new optional dependency, giflib >= 5.0.0. Used by some version of LBA.
    – Added HiDPI support to the ScummVM GUI.
    – Added command line option –window-size for specifying ScummVM window size, applicable only to the OpenGL renderer.
    – Fixed switching to the default graphics mode. This was sometimes not applied until restarting ScummVM or starting a game.
    – ScummVM GUI has been fully translated into Korean and Japanese.
    – Added GUI option for enabling and disabling the Discord RPC integration.
    – ADL:
    – Added support for Mystery House French translation.
    – Added support for several game variants.
    – AGI:
    – Added support for Russian versions. Input now works.
    – AGOS:
    – Added support for the Japanese PC-98 version of Elvira 1.
    – CGE:
    – Added option to use Text To Speech for Soltys.
    – CGE2:
    – Added option to use Text To Speech for Sfinx.
    – Cine:
    – Added detection for Future Wars CD version with French translation patch.
    – Added detection for Italian Amiga Operation Stealth.
    – Fixed crash before entering secret base.
    – Fixed space missing in verb line.
    – Fixed vertically overflowing message boxes.
    – Dreamweb:
    – Rendering fixes for Russian fan translation.
    – Glk:
    – Fixed savegame issues with several subengines.
    – Fixed memory overrun in Level9 game detector.
    – Added detections for 2020 IF Comp games.
    – Enabled Glulx sub-engine.
    – Gob:
    – Added support for Bargon Attack Russian translation.
    – Added support for Woodruff Russian translation.
    – Griffon:
    – Fixed Return to Launcher from The Griffon Legend.
    – Added option to use Text To Speech in The Griffon Legend
    – Grim:
    – Added support for Brazillian Portuguese Grim Fandango.
    – Kyra:
    – Added support for the Japanese Sega-CD version of Eye of the Beholder.
    – Added support for the Hebrew fan translation of Legend of Kyrandia.
    – Added support for the Hebrew fan translation of Legend of Kyrandia 2.
    – Added support for the Simplified Chinese version of Legend of Kyrandia 3.
    – Added support for the playable demo of Lands of Lore.
    – Lure:
    – Fixed fire animation in first room when loading saves.
    – Fixed AdLib support.
    – Fixed MT-32 support.
    – Pegasus:
    – Added support for DVD/ release.
    – Queen:
    – Added support for German Amiga floppy release.
    – SAGA:
    – Added support for ITE GOG Mac CD v1.1.
    – Added support for ITE PC-98 Japanese.
    – SCI:
    – Added RGB rendering mode (16/32bpp) for SCI0 – SCI1.1 games, which addresses palette issues in screen transitions and avoids mode changes when playing Mac QuickTime videos.
    – Added custom palette mods for SQ3 and LSL2 from the FreeSCI project. When enabled, the mods improve the visuals in these two games.
    – Added support for Macintosh version of Gabriel Knight 1.
    – Added support for CD-Audio version of Mixed-Up Mother Goose.
    – Added support for Korean fan translations from the scummkor project: Castle of Dr. Brain, EcoQuest 1, Gabriel Knight 1, King’s Quest 1, 5, and 6, Laura Bow 2, and Space Quest 4.
    – Added support for Space Quest 4 Update 1.3 by New Rising Sun.
    – Added support for French LSL1VGA.
    – Added support for Hebrew QFG1VGA.
    – Added support for Hebrew GK1.
    – Added support for Russian Longbow.
    – Added support for Russian LSL6.
    – Added support for alternate Russian LSL7.
    – Added support for alternate Polish LSL7 including files packaged with InstallShield.
    – Added support for alternate Russian SQ5.
    – Added support for alternate Russian Torin’s Passage.
    – Added support for fan game Soulshade Asylum.
    – SCI1.1 views are now scaled accurately.
    – Fixed sounds not stopping or restarting correctly.
    – Fixed sound issues when restoring SCI0 games.
    – Fixed corruption when “Prefer digital sound effects” was disabled in SCI1 games.
    – Space Quest 4 CD sound effects now match the selected platform.
    – Added option to enable Windows cursors in CD versions of King’s Quest 5 and Space Quest 4.
    – Fixed “Girl In The Tower” song not playing at the end of King’s Quest 6 CD.
    – Fixed King’s Quest 5 Amiga beach error that prevented completing the game.
    – Fixed over 30 script bugs in GK1, HOYLE4, KQ1DEMO, KQ5, KQ6, KQ7, LB1, LSL3, PEPPER, PQ3, QFG3, SQ1, SQ4, and SQ6.
    – Unlocked JANE easter egg in Gabriel Knight 1.
    – SCUMM:
    – Fixed Chinese, Japanese and Korean text display for The Dig and for The Curse of Monkey Island. These fixes also include some improvements to the common text display (mainly the formatting of wrapped texts).
    – Fixed display of Chinese, Japanese and Korean pause and restart dialogs.
    – Added support for numerous Korean translations from scummkor project.
    – Added support for Russobit-M versions of Pajama2 and SpyOzone.
    – Fixed speech playback in Akella version of COMI.
    – Added support for Discord and Humble Bundle versions of Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis.
    – Added smooth scrolling for FM-TOWNS versions of games.
    – Added optional trimming to 200 pixels for some FM-TOWNS games, so aspect-ratio correction is possible.
    – Fixed audio distortion in Loom for PC-Engine.
    – Added support for the high resolution font and cursor in the 16-color Macintosh version of Loom.
    – Added support for Japanese Mac version of The Dig.
    – Added partial support for the high resolution fonts and cursor in the 16-color Macintosh version of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.
    – Fixed missing instruments in the m68k Mac versions of Monkey Island 2 and Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis.
    – Added “Macintosh b/w” render mode for the 16-color Macintosh versions of Loom and Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.
    – Enabled difficulty selection in the version of Monkey Island 2 that was included on the LucasArts Mac CD Game Pack II compilation. (It had been disabled along with the copy protection.)
    – Repaired clumsy crack in Maniac Mansion (enhanced)’s keypad script. This means that the GOG and Steam versions will no longer accept incorrect numbers, e.g. for Edna’s phone number. (Why are they selling a cracked version anyway?!)
    – Added support for Low quality music in Macintosh version of Loom.
    – Improved Digital iMUSE accuracy for Full Throttle and The Curse of Monkey Island. These improvements also fix several audio related bugs for both games.
    – Fixed a very old regression in the walk code for Full Throttle which softlocked the game.
    – Improved the accuracy of the walk code for The Dig and The Curse of Monkey Island.
    – Fixed a bug in The Curse of Monkey Island which prevented, during the cannon minigame in Part 1, the destruction of one of the three destroyable turrets in the fort.
    – Added animated cigar smoke to the close-up of captain Smirk in the CD version of Monkey Island 1. It was present in earlier versions.
    – Restored some missing Lemonhead lines in the English, Italian, German and Spanish CD versions as well as the English Macintosh, FM-Towns and Sega CD versions of Monkey Island 1.
    – Made the clock tower in Monkey Island 1 behave the same in the CD version as in earlier versions, i.e. after examining it you have to leave the room and come back again for its description to change.
    – Tinsel:
    – Enabled the Return to Launcher feature.
    – Titanic:
    – Fixed crashes when asking bots what I should do.
    – TsAGE:
    – Added support for uninstalled floppy version.
    – Stark:
    – Added support for Hungarian translation.
    – Supernova:
    – Added Italian translation for part 1.
    – Sword25:
    – Made the extracted version working.
    – Fixed crash when selecting Croatian language.
    – Ultima:
    – Ultima 4: Added several debugger commands.
    – Ultima 4: Allow Enter key to exit ZStats display.
    – Ultima 8: Fixed several animation bugs for events and objects.
    – Ultima 8: Restored original text for the Spell of Resurrection book.
    – Xeen:
    – Fixed occasional border corruption during fights.
    – Improvements to cutscenes to better match the original games.
    – Fixes for character selection, deselection, and dismissing to better match original.
    – Added support for Russian version.
    – AmigaOS port:
    – Added native system file browser feature.
    – Re-activated nuked OPL Adlib driver.
    – Big-endian ports:
    – Fixed crashes or rendering issues with the Blazing Dragons, Duckman and Full Pipe games.
    – iOS port:
    – Fixed using arrow keys on physical keyboard in iOS 15.
    – Fixed rotating the device while ScummVM is inactive.
    – Added support for upside down portrait orientation.
    – macOS port:
    – Added support for Dark Mode.
    – Use OpenGL renderer by default, providing better support for HiDPI displays.
    – MorphOS port:
    – Added native system file browser feature.
    – Added Cloud feature.
    – Re-activate nuked OPL Adlib driver.
    – Added CAMD MIDI driver support.
    – Windows port:
    – Use OpenGL renderer by default, providing better support for HiDPI displays.

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